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To convey the mechanics thereof and keep track of the Earth's gyration cycle, the originators of the OK pyramids detailed a map of the sky: from the equator, where Orion is located, delineating a prime meridian -- via the stars SAO 58636 and Menkalinan -- to the NorthCelestialPole. Significantly in our era, the star Polaris is over the North Pole and in another era, coinciding with Earth's rotational axis oriented 180 deg. opposite, the star Vega occupies this locale.

Swung down from above, the map denoted by the pyramids is thus inverted onto the Globe and scaled down to facilitate it in the confines of Egypt (perpendicular distance seperation at 1:1 scale would locate the Giza pyramids on the latitude of the Equator and the Meidum Pyramid... on the Pole). In side by side comparison, the N & S orientation of sky and dessert become inverted with respect to one another, which may confuse some although it is a standard practice in mapping.

Giza represents the hub, with G3 causeway targeting the equator at azimuth to the South and the Sphinx's gaze at parallel, due East. The longitude meridian -- via the Red and Bent pyramids -- terminates in the Meidum Pyramid, thereby denoting Earth's axis and center to pole measure. The piles of stone, representative of stars, facilitate geodetic markers in relationships that geometrically express Earth in unison with the sky on two prominent occasions. 

Intersecting Giza, the diagonal between the Abu Roash pyramid and Zawyet El Aryan pyramid, which represent the stars Rigel and Betelguese respectively, serves as a calibration, demarcating a divide midway between two opposing hemispheres that precession-ally revolve to face opposite direction into space - i.e. 180deg. in 13000 years, thus a half cycle. 
This configuration, together with Heliopolis representative of Sirius, completes a wider unified plan - a stellar map, centered on the Constellation of Orion. 

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