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An astonishing asteroid, in excess of 300km wide, collided with Asia in a terrific explosion - unparalleled anywhere on our planet. Gouging the Globe and leaving an extraordinary mark on its skin, ejecta from the impact formed the Himalaya rim (have a look). The low incoming trajectory, West by SouthWest, interrupted Earth's regular rotation - commencing a counter revolution, thereby changing the length of day by one minute. This encounter actually ought to be reconciled with the so called 'K/T' and Dinosaur extinction - a history changing event with un-opposed residue kinetic energy that drives the rearward motion, to this day. The implication for humanity is unfathomable...

The ever-so-slow retrograde revolution (associated with precession of the equinox), of which a consequence is altering orientation of Earth's rotational axis - known as true Polar wander. Importantly, the action occurs at a diagonal intersect with respect to the equator, in opposition to Earth's Eastward spin and subjects the Earth system to an overriding control. The angular factor presents orbital mechanics whereby the Pole axis incurs variable inclination. Thus cyclical, varying obliquity is directly transposed in the separation distance of the Tropic Circles, which constitutes a changing Sun-Earth relationship. Perceived differently, the path of the Sun across the surface of the Globe, which of course drives climate, alters accordingly.

Earths retrograde revolution is indirectly observable in the motion pattern effect, produced by changing star coordinates around the pole of the ecliptic. It relays the gyration cycle of Earths axis in context of true Polar wander incurring 72 deg. dia. circles. The 'wobble', a consequence of being perturbed by the impact, is corroborated by past Global changes in sea level, sedimentary deposits and geomorphology. In our present era it is accountable for retreating ice sheets and subsequent rising seas, which will escalate in tempo as a prelude to the Ice Age, which is  imminent. Then, the Earth system will produce climate swings, associated with rapid polar ice growth & decay that produce sea level fluctuation.

The day change accumulate, of a minute per day, constitutes a 26000 year cycle in which Earth completes one retrograde revolution. Ice Ages occurs at intervals of 19500 years and last for 6500 years - a consequence of radical axial tilt. Glacial Maximum consists of bipolar freeze-thaw -- rapid flux in ice growth and decay -- that alternates between the N & S Hemispheres. During this era, annual melt eradicates preceding ice build up, which therefore is absent from drill core samples and cause for analysis error. Mankind's environment is governed by cyclical advance & retreat of polar ice, accompanied by catastrophic inundation.

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