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And now i have read it!

I donĀ“t think the extra 5 days in the egipcian myth (that i recounted in a book of my own called "Lilith" - only available in Portuguese) are due to the orbit of the earth being enlarged by a comet impact. At least not a comet 4km wide! I think it would take more mass to do that kind of damage. So i think the myth derives from practical reasons. Instead of having month with 30 and 31 days as we have, they had regular months and the those five days in witch the sun appears no to move on the horizon!
But the rest is there. The earth crust displacemnt is a possibility!
The thing is, if we reset the sky 12800 years ago with a diferent "equator", what would happen to the star alignments of ancient sites?
Is it possible we would find more clues to solv this puzzle?

Thank you ever so much

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