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Thank you for your reply!
I don´t want to get into things lake the Nephils, because theyr existence or not is a mute point in what i was saying.
The thing is, this line is allmost 30º inclined in relation to the equator.
The consequences of the impact are very weel described in "magicians of the Gods".
But one other consequence could be what Charles Hapgood was talking about. The crust could have slided over the nucleous. This would not influence the axel inclination, but would put Antarctida in a completely diferent situation, as would Siberia.
Also, without a doubd, there would be massive volcanic activitie if the crust would be deisplaced, expeling ashes and contributing to the younger dryas and for a global time of darkness.
The thing is, what would happen to star alignments if the equator was tilted almost 30º?
Expecially, what would the Sphinx point to, since it wouldn´t be east aligned! Would it still be pointed at leo?
The water erosion sugests the sphinx is very ancient, maybe even from before the impact!
Unfortunetly i don´t have the software to simulate this and check for alignments, but, what would happen?

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