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Hello and thank you for inviting comments.

The Clovis comet destroyed the then existing ice cap and led us into the minor Drias, it must have been a miserable time. We seem to now recognize that ice caps exist from the uptake of water causing expanding drought conditions on earth. These conditions seem to originate from huge planetary trauma of which the Clovis comet was one.
Earth suffered a much worse trauma million of years before when it was struck by a small planet sized object, scientists call Thea. Until this crash earth was spinning nicely on it’s orbit. The 0 degree parallel was the equator.

This orbital accident tipped the earth thirty degrees off kilter, initiated continental drift, created the tropic of Cancer and Capricorn, and lots of RAIN.

Earth has the ability to correct itself by shifting its assets where it needs them. Rain uptake is principle in this system. Rain becomes snow, snow ice and of course glaciers. Glaciers add gross amounts of weight and when they get tall enough they begin to move.

Until this collision there was not an ice cap and if there was it was small. The major ice cap which grew to be three miles deep over Manhattan had to have come from a major amount of mist. ( remember in Genesis it says after creation the earth was completely covered with a mist).

Until this terrible accident the Nephelim (the first biblical children of god) evolved into intelligent giants and had circumnavigated the globe at the then 0 parallel building the bases of the buildings you mention. After this cataclysm they had to resurvey the planet and re did it on the thirtieth parallel. You can see a direct line of building on this parallel also. On inspection you can see the differences in the Megalithic builders work and the work which came later.

So if the melting ice cap revealed signs of tropical life wouldn't that mean that it was there to be covered up by glacier?

I think I'm saying that the earlier cataclysm caused the movement in the earths crust. Earth shifts its assets where it needs them which explains what is actually going on with the continents jostling around to regain earths composure today.
Thanks for reading. Ken

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