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Hello, i'm From Portugal, new here, even though i've been keeping in pace, as much as possible with the works of Graham Hancock and others.

I was reading "Magicians of the Gods" and started asking myself one question:

What if the impact of the clovis comet was só powerful that, as Charles Hapgood theorised, mas the whole crust of the planet moved?
That would explain the ancient maps of Antarctida, the sudden freese of mammals in Siberia and suden extintions, I think...

Could it be possible that the line around the globe, aligning all these ancient sites, from Giza to Easter Island, Nazca, Machu Pichu, Angkor wat, and others, was the ancient equator line from before the impact?

Could it also be that the Great pyramid was constructed, among other things, to serve as a new reference point in a changed world?

If anyone would like to shere they´re thougts on this ideia...

Thank you

C. N. Gil

Musician and Writer

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