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The Philosopher Stone.

But the "stone" is not a stone.

Michael Maier-Atalanta Fugiens
Make of a man and woman a circle; then a quadrangle; out of this a triangle; make again a circle, and you will have the Stone of the Wise. Thus is made the stone, which thou canst not discover, unless you, through diligence, learn to understand this geometrical teaching.

Iohannes Kepler
Geometry has two great treasures: one is the theorem of Pythagoras, the other the division of a line into mean and extreme ratio. The first we may compare to a mass of gold, the second we may call a precious jewel

So you could read the Emerald Tablet as encoding a principle, not a thing. It is the rule, the one and only, which connect the things. Geometrically, we are comfortable thinking in corners but the universe is curved. The principle connects corners and curves.

Interestingly, when Albert Einstein found out that Bernarnd Riemann's manifold geometry could express how matter curves space-time, he open up a gate to a fundamental relationship....and that relationship takes us back to Pythagoras...Riemann-style in the form of the Metric Tensor. Pythagoras theorem relates circles to triangles. In the Riemann version, Pythagoras is adapted to work on curved surfaces. This is one of the two great treasures. The second one is how it is set and that has been very difficult to figure out. The dimensions of the Great Pyramid give us a clue.

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