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Dear Steve Clayton:

I explained in a post why wheels and elaborate of pulley systems were not needed to lift stones to create the Great Pyramids in a post I called “Some people just need lots of pictures” You can go back and review that post if you want an explanation.
Some People Need Lots of Pictures

However, you ask about “lost technology Nothing elaborate. Just simple procedures today we know little or nothing about. ” Well some that “ lost technology” is used today! But most people want ancient alien high technological equipment not “simple procedures “

I am going to give you a three of those “simple procedures “


The Egyptians used simple Golden Mirrors to create an artificial star on the northern horizon in the daytime then used them in conjunction with what is called an Egyptian Stone Sundial1 an ancient transit gun site. The word for this tool in Arabic for this device is al-idhâdah, “ruler”, where it signifies the same thing, in Greek and Latin, it is respectively called dioptra, “the line of light’s foundation”, and linea fiduciae, “fiducial line” also known as the trusted line.

Detail in this blog post

Day Time North star

2.Egyptians Carved Stone with Sand Blasters

The surrounding deserts of Egypt contain numerous examples of wind and sand eroded stone. Even the Sphinx has not escaped the sculpturing effect of the wind and sand. Mankind has harnessed the effect of fast-moving sand bouncing against rock to cut memorials in stone of dates, people, and event This fast moving sand can precisely remove stone far more quickly than the finest metallic hammers and chisels ever made. The device that can do this magic is now call, a sandblaster.

Detail in this blog post

Egyptian Sand Blasters


3.Quarrying Pyramid Stones

The stones Used to create the Great Pyramids fracture when there is a sudden and drastic change in temperature. The Egyptians used a system of mirrors called the Orb of Aten to create solar furnces this heating system which was used for many uses from cooking to metal forging. This tool was the genesis for Archimedes’ mirror defense of Syracuse.

In fact Amenophis IV also known as Akhenaten got him self in trouble, the priesthood of Amun, they seemed to have had a problem with the Pharaoh, Akhenahten, and his flagrant display of this field of engineering through the creation of a city dedicated to that technology. This city included outside displays of the magical powers of Aten. A power that was well known centuries prior to that city's building. Tutankhamen's, adviser, Horemheb, had convinced the boy King that all the displays of this technology needed to be removed.Horemheb took great pleasure in the disassembling of the city's displays, even to the point of hiding the stones inside the Pylon of Karnack . However, centuries later an earth quake would shake and crumble Horemheb's pylon to reveal the stones of that forgotten city, thousands of jumbled stone blocks that held a lost technology.

Henri, Chevyer started the excavation of the Horemheb pylon in 1926, even so, those thousands of stones remained disjointed without a cipher for many years. However, in 1965 a group of archaeologists, including R. W. Smith began a program, to reassemble a representation of that city through photographs and a computer referencing programs. A curriculum, that would reveal the secret power, that belonged to the Aten enigma.

Detail in this blog post

Quarring Stone


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