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Evidences that the Great Flood of Genesis in Bible was global not local, or at least was the whole of the then human (& "giants") inhabited world.
(We haven't added everything yet. A few things might possibly be wrong, but that doesn't mean they/we are all wrong.)
This is in response to someone asserting "Personally, I don't think any of this goes against the spirit of the Bible. I do think literalists and many academics are going to be faced with a paradigm shift on the scale of the Copernican Revolution in the not too distant future."
I was not sure which subforum/category to put this in as it doesn't quite fit any/all of them.
This is not a religious mission. I don't believe in God/Yhwh anymore since God & christians don't care that i'm still suffering Hell. This is about sceptics, academics, alternatives, Aryans, etc denying or ignoring our modern discoveries about our ancient ancestors traditional sources ("myths", bible, Atlantis Account, Herodotus, "Nennius", Geste, etc).
4 main types/groups of evidences which must all be synthesised: Biblical, "Myhtological", Historical, Geological.

Biblical evidences:
- In the English translation of Genesis 6-9(-11) the words in various places certainly/clearly imply it was a global Flood.
{6:3, 5, 6, 7, 8:21 man [Adam]. 6:7, 7:21, 7:23, 8:17, 9:10 beast /cattle [behema], creeping thing(s) [remes] / cattle [behema], fowl(s) [op]. 6:11,13 the earth was full of violence. 6:12, 13, 17, 19, 7:15, 7:16, 7:21, 8:17, 9:11, 9:15, 9:16, 9:17 all flesh [basar]. 6:13, 9:11 destroy the earth. 6:17, 7:19 under (the whole) heaven. 6:17 everything that('s) in the earth. 6:19, 8:1, 8:17, 8:21 every living thing [hayah]. 6:19, 20 two of every (sort). 6:20, 7:8, 7:14, 7:21, 8:19 every creeping thing / everything that creeps [remes]. 6:20 all food. 7:1, 9:12 generation(s). 7:2, 8:20 every clean beast. 7:3 all the earth. 7:4, 23 every living substance [hayah?]. 7:11 all the fountains of the great deep. 7:14, 8:9/8:19, 9:2, 9:5, 9:10 every beast [behema?]. 7:14 all the cattle [behema]. 7:14, 8:19, 9:2 every fowl [op]. 7:14 every bird [op/sippor]. 7:19 all the high hills. 7:20 mountains were covered. 7:21, 9:5 every man [Adam?]. 7:22 all in whose nostrils (was) the breath of life [nephesh]. 7:22 all that was in the dry land. 7:23 Noah only. 8:5 tops of the mountains. 8:9 the whole earth. 8:20 every clean fowl [op]. 9:2 all that moves. 9:2 all the fishes. 9:3 every moving thing. 9:10, 12, 15, 16 every living creature [hayah]. 9:13, 14 the earth. 9:19 whole earth overspread.}
Plus this intresting comment "Anyone (including animals) exposed to depravity at close range for a long enough time will be affected—and infected—by it. .... God’s judgment never goes beyond the boundaries of sin’s damage...." (This doesn't necessarily mean Yhwh was trying to stop whole planet being infected as the source says but to us evidently fits with the whole earth being infected.)
- Genesis says that the flood waters covered all the mountain tops.
- There are evidence that the Humans of preflood world had equal or higher abilities & technological civilisation to us. If the sons of God were "aliens"/"gods" from sky/space then they may have had the ability to explore the whole earth.
- Bible says only 8 souls survived the Flood.
- The rainbow promise makes no sense with a local Flood.
- 2 Peter 2:5 calls the pre-Flood the old *World*? ("The word “world” (Gr. kosmos) can mean the whole universe, the whole planet Earth, the whole of humanity, or a portion of Earth.") (Critics claiming that the words "of that time" seem to support regional flood is only seeming not definite proof.)
- Why did they not seek refuge in highlands if not global & if only local?
- Why would God need to renew the known earth by flood & ark when they could just have shifted to uninhabited earth & destroyed the bad part of the earth? (There is no need for such a "heightened ... drama" "ample time warning" of Noah's building an Ark in middle of a plain.)
- Genesis mentions at least 5 large lands of the preflood known world (Havilah, Cush, Asshur, Nod, Eden).
- Ham castrating Noah after Flood makes less/no sense with local flood.
- Psychologists' reason for Noah getting drunk makes more sense if Flood was global.
- Pseudepigrapha has Noah allocating 3 sons 3 quarters of the post-Flood Earth and leaving 1/4 unallocated.
- Commentary on deep (demons) & heaven (angels) implies cosmic scale?
(- There is no record of Cainites after the Flood in the bible (excluding the Kenites claim) (though there sort-of is in Phoenician?)
(- The mention of "summer and winter" just after the end of the Flood may imply that there had been an Axis tilt in/during the Flood? "The animals needed different climates for their survival. The ark could not provide such variety." How could post-Flood animals travel through different climate zones and over few landbridges?)
- Why has Eden not been found anywhere?
- It is thought by some that verses of Genesis 1-11 imply that there was one landmass until the time of the Flood or of Peleg?
- To the contention that the word for "earth"/"land"/"ground" used in the Genesis flood account is different to other word for (whole) earth, one possible answer is that it may subtly mean the whole earth excluding the Ark & its human (& animal) passengers (& cargo) (man being dust/earth)?
- The Great Flood can not be end of the Great Ice Age(s). No ice mentioned before Flood? Ice mentioned in 'Job'. Not only coastal areas flooded in Bible. Great Flood was from rain/flood gates of heaven and fountains of great deep. The meanings of the names of Togarmah and Magog seem to match the Neandtherals of the Ice Age and Cro-Magnons of the last maximum of ice age. Bible seems to imply no meat eating before Flood, while homo erectus were meat eaters and Cro-Magnons were hunters.
- The Great Flood can not be same as Atlantis "sinking" catastrophe. Only Atlantis "sunk" in the Atlantis Account while in bible whole world was Flooded. Atlantis was already a separate landmass before sinking, while in Bible it seems that the contienents didn't split until the Flood or the days of Peleg? Atlantis "sinking" was from quake(s) & flood(s), there is no rain (though some translations do say day of rain)?
- The reason that alternative researchers fail to find their lost antediluvian paradise first civilisation "home of the apkallu" is because they fail to consider that this lost civilisation is the pre-Great Flood world.
- The "viewpoint" was from God's/Yah's not just from Man's?
- the size of the Ark?
- Genesis 10-11 implies that all postFlood humanity had one language (or "language")?
- Bible prophecy says that in end times knowledge will increase (and the Hebrew/Greek indicates esp knowledge of the bible's historical etc information & truths).
- The biblical Flood can't be the Sumerian flood(s). The only theoretical Genesis references to Sumeria before the Flood are the 2 rivers Euphrates & Tigris, the land Asshur, the city Enoch/Irad (excluding other possible correspondences like Naamah/Inanna). Babel in Genesis 10 & 11 certainly seems to match Sumerian civilisation. There was at least two different dates floods in Sumer (and not covered all Mesopotamia?)

"Mythological" evidences from other gentile cultures:
- the Flood is a universal myth found to be known in most all cultures/nations traditions arouns the world. ("Well over 200 cultures worldwide have been found to have preserved accounts of such a Deluge") Even small details are similar to the Genesis Account such as the sending out of the birds. ("More that 80,000 flood accounts in over 70 languages describe a cataclysmic deluge. More than 85% of these accounts mention a large vessel that saved the human race from extinction.")
(Other Genesis pre- & post-Flood events are also found too including 4 rivers of Eden, sons of god, 10 kings, Tower of Babel.)
- Some other cultures myths also imply a global flood, eg saying all was water / pesi/rice-water / mud/clay, that covered tree tops / mountain tops, that gods fled to heavens, that only 2 or survivors, world age(s), Cancer/Leo & Capricorn/Aquarius, food lack after Flood, the "world egg" [Ark]?, 4 rivers to 4 cardinal points.
- It was claimed that there was no Flood in Egyptian, However there are actually alot of Flood evidences in Egyptian. Flood stories of Atum, Ra/Hathor/Sekhmet, Thoth, Ben(n)u/Phoenix, Atlantis, Siriadic Land/Columns, Surid.
- Atlantis "sinking" can't be same as Biblical Flood. Atlantis Account says the 3rd Flood? Atlantis was in Bronze/Brass/Brazen age? Atlantis was contemporary with Athens (and Sais?) Atlantis is considered to be contemporary with Minoan-Mycenaean?
However, the priests seemingly may have conflated the Atlantis "sinking" and the Great Flood.
- Atlantis Account says the Greeks believed in One Flood.
- Epic of Gilgamesh implies global flood: "would that a lion/wolf/famine/pestilence have ravaged the world rather than the flood"; "all living creatures"; "the world teemed, the people multiplied, the world bellowed like a wild bull, and the great god was aroused by the clamour" (compare Apsu was disturbed by noise of men/gods); "the uproar of mankind is intolerable"; "even the gods were terrified and fled to the highest heaven"; "all mankind was turned to clay"; "the great gods of heaven and of hell wept"; "home in the faraway" / "in the distance, at the mouth of the rivers"; "has anyof these mortals escaped? not one was to have survived".

* The orthodox claim that the biblical comes from the Epic of Gilgamesh because the Epic is earlier date. The date of the Torah is disputed & unknown. Both Biblical and Sumerian traditions go back to the beginning, so it is up to the individual to choose which is the truer/original. Either bibical came from Sumerian or Sumerian came from proto-Biblical or both came from common source. There seems more evidence for the biblical being the truer than for the Sumerian, and the biblical origins make more sense than Sumerian origins. The bible itself says about the Tower of Babel, so if nations' (incl Israel's) traditions come from/via Sumerian it doesn't disprove/prove anything against the biblical (or a proto-bibical & proto-Sumerian common beginning). ( The Hebrew persons names of Genesis 1-11 do seem to match Sumerian "gods" names. The bene-Elohim "sons of god" may match Anunnaki?) Joseph's famine and Potiphar's wife are found in Epic of Gilgamesh which may mean the Epic is not older than the proto-Biblical. (Abraham seems to have been around about the time of Kish 1/Uruk 1/Ur 0/Ur 1/Lagash 1. Gilgamesh comes after Enmerkar who seemingly may match Nimrod.) Fasold gave evidence that the Dilmun that Gilgamesh went to may be in the Ararat area (like Dilmun was "north")? [There is a possibility that Ziusudra ~ Dyaus(Pitar)/Zeus(Pater)/Jupiter ~ Japheth/Diphath ~ Djehewty?] Orthodox can not prove any direct transmission/influence connection between the 2 sources/accounts? There certainly are similarities between them, these similarities may confirm the truth of the Flood account. There are also differences. (Orthodox always seem to contradictingly highlight differences and minimise similarities when it suits them, or highlight similarities and minimise differences when it suits them.) In the Epic Enlil is flood sender and Ea/Enki is flood saviour; in Bible El/Yhwh is both sender and saviour. There is no reason why Moses can't have used sources to reconstruct origins. It is certain that the biblical Flood does not match the Sumerian flood(s) strata as we have given some reasons for.

Historical/Mythological/Linguistic evidences:
- There are drawings of boats/ships (some with drogue stones) quite similar to Fasold's reed boat-like Noah's Ark in predynastic Egypt.
- There are ancient drawings of "mythological" boats/ships similar to [Fasold's reed boat-like] Noah's Ark in alot of places and times around the world. (Some of these may be later historical boats/ships, but some may be memory of the Ark, and some nevertheless are similar design.)
- Philologists traced the word vine/wine back to the Armenia area.
- Chinese pictograph for total = 8 + united + earth? Pictograph for flood = water + total? Pictograph for boat = vessel + 8 + mouth?

Geological/Scientific/Archaeological/Historical evidences:
- Sceptics claim that there is not enough water to Flood all the Earth's land surface, and/or they say "where did all the water go?" ("If the Flood was global, the water required to cover all high mountains would require more than 4 times the total water resources of the entire Earth." "The amount of water required to cover the whole Earth up to Mount Everest is 4 to 4.5 times the total water resources of the entire planet (or 8 times the water in all the oceans)." "Even so, the sea level would have increase 120 metres, not enough to cover even the low mountains." "Furthermore, the additional amount of water required is 60 times larger than what our present atmosphere can offer." "...the water could not possibly recede to a lower area. The only exits for the floodwaters were either underground or the atmosphere.") However, aside from the Clouds, and the Ice caps, according to geography reference books: The world surface is 7/10ths water vs 3/10ths land. The average depth of ocean 12451 ft vs average height land above sealevel is 2300 ft. If the surface of the earth was flat the water would stand over 7900 ft/1.5 mi deep.
It is thought that the mountains were lower before Flood, and seas were shallower before Flood? (Fasold mentions about the description of waters receeding [after the Flood] in Hebrew could imply this scenario. "The Hebrew word shub is particularly clear, meaning “returned to its original place or condition.”")
(Bible says all"the fountains of the deep" and "the flood gates of heaven" / "rain from heaven".)
The exploded planets between Mars & Jupiter, and beyond Neptune/Pluto/Smiley are thought to have been watery/icy planets. (Also, scientists think there was a flood Mars.)
- Creationists claim that the sediments over much of the Earth's surface are evidence of the Flood. Geologists claim that something to do with salts in/among sediments is evidence against global flood. However, there has been found traces of humans/civilisation in all periods of the Geological time scale, see 'Forbidden Archaeology' for example.*
- "65 stacked forests" in Yellowstone park is shown by some to be evidence of catastrophism not of geological time scale theory?
- Fossils (which are formed by catastrophist process and can not be formed by unformitarian process)?
- Sceptics claim that they couldn't fit all the "species" (sic) in the Ark. However, the bible uses word '(bara_)min' "kinds" and this seemingly may match viable/cross-fertile animals which is barred at [order or genus?] level. (Some say (bara) min may imply "new animals"? [Is this like Ceno-zoic "new life"?])
Sceptics also raise question about large animals like dinosaurs. The answer to which is that Noah could have taken babies, or eggs, or dna. Most species are small. Some think hibernation answers some seeming problems.
The ark was the size of a modern ship (& had 3 levels). Also perhaps compare modern zoos?
"When the two lists are compared, there are 2 Hebrew words describing creatures that were destroyed in the Flood but not among those preserved on the ark:
sheres: teeming, swarming prolific small animals, all the smaller sea creatures and land animals (as contrasted with birds and beasts); rodents, amphibians, smaller reptiles, flying insects, wriggling water animals
yequm: animals with standing; animals which subsist
While sheres can refer to small mammals, most often it is used for small nonsoulish animals. Yequm can refer to all animals or just those that merely subsist."
- There are marine deposits in the Himalayas, Andes, etc. (Though as they say, this doesn't prove it because they could be from post-Flood continental shifts.)
- The Great Flood can not be end of the Great Ice Age(s) for reasons given above.
The Great Ice Age(s) of the Pleistocene seemingly could be from post-Flood unstable climate/weather for some centuries after the Flood. (It has been suggested that Ice Age(s) came from below, i.e. seismic/tectonic activity (which some think links with the Fountains of the great deep) warming oceans, etc.)
- the Tigris and Euphrates are said to be on top of Flood deposits??
- Age of Fish(es)??
- Creationists claim that pillow lava on Mt Ararat may be from the Flood. Geologists claim that the pillow lava (and Ararat) can't be from the Flood [though their evidence may perhaps indicate that Ararat & pillow lava is post-Flood?]
- Creationists claim that Grand Canyon may be from waters of/after the Flood, but geologists give some evidence that it was not formed in one time or event. Geologists claim the Grand Canyon is evidence against the Flood, but it is only evidence against creationists stupidly/mistakenly lumping everything in (and only believing in) only one large catastrophe.
- "alledged lack of evidence is not proof/disproof". Orthodox historians false accusation of "you can't argue negatives" is true about them selves.
Remember unless we can look/see for our selves, we can only go by what they publish. They could be ignorant and/or purposely secreting/hidding/covering. There are alot of known forbidden archaeological out of place artefacts sitting on shelves. No human is all right or all wrong. All humans have internal & external influences/interests /desires/profits /motives/agendas /fears /beliefs /assumptions. If nazis etc can be bad then so can this regime. If our ancestors were dumb/liars then so can this establishment be wrong. Who knew then that Roosevelt was in a Wheelchair? Many times in the last 50-100+ years it has been found that previous orthodox "scientific/expert/professional/consensus" assertions/beliefs were wrong (but it is forgotten). (A few) seeming challenging difficulties do not prove/disprove anything and do not nullify the evidences. We need as deep as possible drill core samples from each continent. We need to check deeper than just virgin soil / bed rock at sites like Ur & Jericho.*
- boat/ship shaped formations in Turkey and Australia have been said to by to possibly be from the Flood??
- Oxford Clay??
- racial bottleneck?
- Andrew Tomas in 'Atlantis' mentions animals like reaindeer found in Caucasus/Armenia/Ararat area indicating changes in climate/etc [and maybe connected with animals from ark]. Some other sources also confirm animals not native to the area found there (eg "remains of a spoted cat not native to the area"). (This doesn't necessarily prove global flood & Ark, but it is still possibly related-evidence.)
(- The Ark may have been found. There are at least 3 or 4 claimed actual Ark found sites : "Durupinar" near Dogubayzit; Mt Suleiman; Mt Ararat.)

* "The Flood should result in extensive changes in the surface topography of the Earth." "There is a possibility that the Flood affected the geological data" Genesis says "destroy/strikedown (naka/maha/sahat) the Earth"; "all the fountains of the deep" (which some think may imply tectonics / continental shift).
Some say such a brief Flood might not leave any long lasting evidence?

Appended list of some Flood "myths" (some may not be same as the Great Flood, but some seemingly are) :
Algonkian/Algonquin: Manibozho took refuge on mountain when lake overflowed & submerged world.
Nichant “destroyed world by fire and water”?
Huron: Great Frog swallowed all the deluge waters.
Tuleyone/Californian: Olle/Coyote caused flood.
Mexican: All humans of (1st) world age of Atl/Atonatiuh destroyed in/by deluge?
All peoples of 1st world except Coxcox & wife destroyed by flood. Tezpi escaped flood.
Xelhua escaped deluge by going to top of mountain (Aztec)?
Hurakan caused deluge (Quiche).
[Naho/nahua-Atl survives flood (Fitzgerald-Lee)]?
Votan saved on raft at time of deluge (Chiapanese)?
Nata commanded to build ship to save selves from deluge in year ce-calli”
Costa Rica: Noncomala flooded the whole earth?
Tupi-Guarani/Brazil: Irin Mage caused deluge?
Tawenduare/Timondonar stamped foot on ground so hard that water gushed forth in a flood?
Muyscaya/Chibcha: Chia/Chie [Eve] flooded the world?
Muyscas escaped flood that overwhelmed their overseas homeland?
Peru/Bolivia: Tiahuanaco flood myths (before &/or after built).
Guinean: "... men came down from the sky (flight) and from an island that no longer exists [preflood?] in very ancient times...."?
W African: Nommo myth (Sirius/Sothis, amphibious, water, 8 nommo, 3 nommo, "ark land on earth", new world, drink).
Celt: Druids tell of 2 catastrophes, 1 of fire and 1 or water.
Bith & Birren + Cesara & Fintan + Lara & Balma escape to Inisfail in a ship at time of Deluge.
Nemed settled Eire after flood?
Boann linked with Flood / overflowing of Boyne?
"a woman had a magic cask which when opened flowed for so long that the water covered the earth"?
Dwyvan & Dwybach escape overflowing of lake Llyon-Llion caused by Addanc/Avanc/Abac?
"The Celtic myth of creation refers to the appearance of a giant serpent who emerges from the sea and fertiles the ovum of the cosmos. The movements of the monster cause the world to be flooded leaving only a small parcel of land uncovered by the deluge"?
Norse/German: flood of Ymir/Bergelmir.
Baltic: 3 versions of Flood all connected with Pramziwas/Pramzimas.
Italy: Saturnia & Janicula/Janiculum 2 cities on either side of Flood. Mundi Subterranean?
Greece: Floods of Deucalion, Philemon/Baucis, Dardanus, Megarus, Ogyges, Phoroneus, Triton, Atlantis, etc. Thales? Por-Selenoi "pre-lunar"? Anti-chthones?
Egypt/UAR: Thoth sends flood? "Nu told Ra to Flood earth"? flood of Ra/Hathor/Sekhmet (Ra floods world with beer)? Atmu caused waters great deep to overflow & drown everyone? Recollection of flood in hieroglyph of Ben(n)u bird? Atlantis catastrophe? Osiris drowned / saved from water / god of water? Surid builds pyramid before flood? Siriadic columns set up in Siriadic Land before flood, one of brick & one of stone to survive flood & fire? Nu(n) "primeval watery chaos".
Israel/Palestine: Flood of Noah.
"Targum Pseudo-Jonathan even says the sons of the giants placed their children into the springs of the abyss to try to plug it up!"
Phoenician/Canaanite/Ugarit: Baal vs Yam(m)?
Arabia: 2nd flood of Ad(ites)?
Iraq: flood of Atrahasis. flood of Utnapishtim/Ziusudra. Tiamat & Apsu? fishmen/amphibians/annedoti (Oannes/Uan)? Flood in Sumerian king list.
Berosus' flood/capricorn & fire/cancer?
Abubu "flood personified, name of a winged monster"?
Iranian: Jemshid/Yima warned of flood by Ahura Mazda, builds var/cave-refuge in mountains.
"the earth had to be cleaned by a flood, and the raindrops were as large as a bulls head"?
Indian: Matsya forewarns Manu Vaivasvata of the flood.
Varuna's house of clay.
Narayana sailing the primeval ocean on a banana leaf?
Indus seals: Naveya boat of [Yi]?
Samoyed/Uralic/Vogul/Finn: "Num(itorem) sent birds to explore watery chaos at beginning of world, made land from mud that one of them brought back in its beak". "Num(itorem) saved the people from starvation after the flood by growing crops.".
China: flood of Fo-hi/Nukwa? ("Chinese man Nu-wah on boat landed on mountain"?)
Yao/Yu connected with flood/dyking ("Yu contains the waters of deluge")?
Kungkung caused deluge by knocking down pillars or battering heavenly bamboo?
Miao: "told of how a brother and sister had escaped the flood waters in a wooden drum and how all post flood humanity was descended from them." / "The first two human beings, a brother and sister, supposedly appeared after "the earth was flooded by the ocean".
Thai: at end of flood it was all like 'pesi' "rice water" (F Comte)?
Taiwan/Formosa/ROC/Ami: Peiroun warned of deluge (flood of Maurigosima).
"an earthquake caused a great flood" a bro & sister survive "in a wooden mortar".
Japan: Izanagi & Izanami fished-up Japan islands from waters?
Australia: Rainbow Serpent said to be connected with rising sea-levels?
2 ancestors of tribe (Minawara & ...) emerged from heap of debris carried by the flood?
Papuan: Goga tried to quench stolen firebrand by a downpour...?
Irian Jaya: 'wa-ka nu-wi a rata' (ref B Fell)?
Micronesian: "Lo(w)a dwelt alone in primeval sea at beginning"?
Gilbert/Kiribati: "universal darkness followed by a deluge. The deluge was considered of such import that they have a deluge god"?
Maori/Polynesia: Maui fished up North Island of NZ from sea?
Pele's flood (Pele poured out seas around Hawaii)?
Tiki floated on the water in a canoe [in the very beginning]?
Nu'u “escaped the flood in a large vessel with a house on top of it”.
"the egg was laid or dropped in the sea by a huge bird flying over the primeval expanse of water"?
(These can not all just be from Christian missionaries influence.)

Appended list of prehistoric/ancient historical local/regional/semi-worldwide Floods/Deluges/Innundations/Rain:
whale bones Michigan; San Joaquin Valley California 1970s; Valley of Mexico (Kolosimo); Bogota; Tiahuanaco flood (Fasold, Allen, etc); Oxford Clay? Filling of the Mediterranean?; soil erosion Argolid (Zangger); Black Sea "flood"; rain marks at Sarmast's Cyprus "Atlantis" site; Sphinx rain marks (Shoch); Ur flood (Woolley); marine deposits in Himalayas; Tarim Basin? "Dinosaurs in Gobi as if water dumped on them" (CSF/ICR/AIG)? Yonaguni; Sundaland? Monsoon; rising sea levels at end of Great Ice Age(s); Pluvial period; rain marks in Azoic; flood on Mars.

Incomplete casual candidates lists:

Noah/Nuh/NorMard (aka 'Madjnun', 'Arsa') ~ Nuada/Nudd? Numa? Nu/Nun/Num/Khnum? Nanna/Nannan? Nusku? Uranus? Varuna? Lowa? Moa? Mua? Anus?

Madjnun/Madjnoon "crazy" (aka Noah) ~ Manu? Mannus? Numa? Manoa? Nanna(n)? Magog? moon?

3 sons of Noah (Shem/Seth, Ham, Japheth/Diphath) :
~ 3 Hermes: Set(h), Shu/Num [Amun/Hammon?], Thoth/Djehewty?
~ 3 sons Manu: Sama/Scherma, Chama, Jyapeti/Prajapeti?

m'noach "resting place" ~ Manoa? Manu? Madjnun?

Ararat (mountains, "olives don't grow at high altitude") ~ Mt Ararat? a_rata? Arsareth? Urartu? Alarodians? Arctic? Aratta? Eridu?

Noah's Teba "Ark" ~ Yima's var? Varuna's clay house? (World) Egg? Durupinar formation?

tzohar "window / (sky)light / noonday / brightness/oil / gleaming/splendid / transparent crystal" / "philosopher's stone" ~ prism? artificial sun? mirror (Compton)? Seker/Sokar? Nusku? oreichalc?

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