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Fractal vison of our origin.

This question about the origin of humans is puzzled by what is found by archeologists as technologically advanced constructions from a past where humans were supposedly primitive and ignorant. Myths about advanced civilizations, wiped out by catastrophic events, let us suppose there was in a far past human with knowledge that would equal ours and even surpass it.
Witness of it are these huge megalithic constructions that remain and many other achievements that would be difficult to reproduce today.

From my point of view, I tend to see the past as a consequence of the present, the old circular belief about history and how it tends to repeat itself cans also be placed in a circle where present rejoins the past. We are in the era of genetic manipulations where mad scientists mix species to create new ones, their main objective is profit and renown which is not taking into account the long-term effects of their experiences. They are opening a Pandora box from which many major problems are escaping.

Some can see where all of that is going and they are preparing to escape the populated and out of control areas to rejoin secure and fortified locations filled with weapons, munitions, technology and food in order to go through the chaotic period ahead. The same happened many thousands years ago in what seems to be a cyclic manifestation of the incarnation of energy in the material realm. Civilizations rise and decline following a cycle with phases of abundance and scarcity, the same a human being experience during his life. This way of looking at events is fractal vision.

They might remain there for generations before coming back after most humans on the surface
would have disappeared or returned to a primitive way of life. That is what might have happened in the previous cycle and those who came back from their underground locations are those who kept the knowledge of the previous technological era and were seen as gods by the primitive populations. In reality they are the demons of the myth for having brought back the false knowledge which chased the primitives from the garden of Eden that is wild and free nature.

The biblical myth relates to them in various chapters.

A we know today, techniques such as agriculture and animal raising from which is derived slavery and serfdom, seem to perform and for some is magical at the beginning, as most advanced technology is, but has the adverse effect of depleting resources and life at an accelerated rate, leaving beside a toxic environment. In our days its piling debts without paying back.

It’s also possible some migrated to nearby planets and came back later or came from one. They did the same technological development on another planet to the point of depleting it and sought a new one in order to survive. This parasitic way of maintaining their existence is not compatible with the symbiotic and collaborative ways of indigenous native populations. Because of their degenerated mind set and disconnection from nature, the mutants from underground used their crooked science to modify the pre-human species found on earth at the time of their arrival, in order to produce an obedient and easily manageable creature, the modern human.

This parasite tendency is deeply imbedded in our genetic history but for many it led to a more collaborative relation and some cases symbiosis. The reason for that genetic heritage is linked with the origin of life on the planet, the arrival of alien bacteria from asteroids falling on earth billions of years ago. This alien life form had to suck on a primitive cell in order to survive. Evolution that followed the first encounter saw the parasitic and the collaborative ways survive in a balanced way where the parasite species were kept at bay by the others, their low number and difficult conditions of existence made equilibrium possible. Its balance between predators and preys. We know the instructors are those who taught humans parasitic ways of existence, how to bypass natural defense systems, shutdown natures immune response.

The origin of the species is still present in the conception process, the deception came later, when the mutants imposed their artificial education and environment. Fractal vision see’s today and here what happened in the past and far away.

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