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Laird Scranton Wrote:
> In response to Thanos5150 -
> A history of ancient Egypt written by a medieval
> Coptic historian named Masoudi records that the
> two largest Giza pyramids (Cheops and Chephren)
> were constructed by an Egyptian king named Surid.
> The king reportedly had a prophetic dream where
> “the sky came down and the stars fell upon the
> earth”, marking the locations and alignment of
> the pyramids.

I assumed as much.

In reference to the Coptic accounts:

'It is said that, in the reign of Ahmed Ben Touloun, who conquered Egypt about 260 A.H. (Note = 871 AD - Al-Mamun 850 AD? which means that these MSS were written after the pyramid had been opened.), a learned old man, above one hundred years old, and of either Coptic of Nabathaen extraction, lived in upper Egypt. This person had visited many countries, and was well informed of the ancient history of Egypt, and was, by order of Ahmed Ben Touloun, examined before an assembly of learned Mohametans; and Masoudi's account of the pyramids is said to have been given upon the authority of this learned man. Masoudi also mentions certain persons who were, by profession, guides to the pyramids, with little or no variation, for above a thousand years; and they appear to have repeated the traditions of the ancient Egyptians, mixed up with fabulous stories and incidents, certainly not of Mohametan invention.

Interesting the guides never told anyone else these tales for over a "thousand years", like the Greeks, prior to the Arabs.


"That Surid, Ben Shaluk, Ben Sermuni, Ben Termidun, Ben Tedresan, Ben Sal, one of the kings before the flood, built the two great pyramids; and, notwithstanding they were subsequently named after a person called Sheddad Ben Ad, that they were not built by the Adites, who would not conquer Egypt, on account of the powers, which the Egyptians possessed by means of enchantment; that the reason for building the pyramids was the following dream, which happened to Surid 300 years previous to the flood. It appeared to him, that the earth was overthrown, and that the inhabitants were laid prostrate upon it; that the stars wandered confusedly from their courses, and clashed together with a tremendous noise. The king, although generally affected by this vision, did not disclose it to any person but was conscious that some great event was about to take place. Soon afterwards in another vision, he saw the fixed stars descend upon the earth in the form of white birds seizing the people, enclosing them in a cleft between two great mountains, which shut upon them. The stars were dark, and veiled with smoke. The king awoke in great consternation, and repaired to the temple of the sun, where, with great lamentations, he prostrated himself in the dust. Early in the morning he assembled the chief priests from all the nomes in Egypt, a hundred and thirty in number; no other persons were admitted to this assembly, when he related his first and second vision. The interpretation was declared to announce, "that some great event would take place."

The high priest, whose name was Philimon or Iklimon, spoke as follows:-"Grand and mysterious are thy dreams: The visions of the king will not prove deceptive, for sacred is his majesty. I will now declare unto the king a dream I also had a year ago, but which I have not imparted to any human being." The king said, "Relate it, O Philimon." The high priest accordingly began:- " I was sitting with the king upon the tower of Amasis. The firmament descended from above till it overshadowed as a vault. The king raised his hands in supplication to the heavenly bodies, whose brightness was obscured in a mysterious and threatening matter. The people ran to the palace to implore the kings protection; who in great alarm again raised his hands towards the heavens, and ordered me to do the same; and behold, a bright opening appeared over the king, and the sun shone forth above; these circumstances allayed our apprehensions, and indicated, that the sky would resume its former altitude; and fear together with the dream vanished away.

The king then directed the astrologers to ascertain by taking their altitude whether the stars foretold any great catastrophe, and the result announced an approaching deluge. The king ordered them to enquire whether or not this calamity would befall Egypt; and they answered, yes, the flood would overwhelm the land, and destroy a large portion of it for some years.

He ordered them to enquire if the earth would again become fruitful, or if it would continue to be covered with water. They answered that its former fertility would return. The king demanded what would happen. He was informed that a stranger would invade the country, kill the inhabitants, and seize upon their property; and that the Nile, would take possession of the kingdom; upon which the king ordered the pyramids to be built, and the predictions of the priests to be inscribed upon columns, and upon the large stones belonging to them; and he placed them with his treasures, and all his valuable property, together with the bodies of his ancestors. He also ordered the priests to deposit within them, written accounts of their wisdom and acquirements in the different arts and sciences. Subterraneous channels were also constructed to convey to them the waters of the Nile. He filled the passages with talismans, with wonderful things, and idols; and the writing of the priests containing all manner of wisdom, the names and properties of medical plants, and the sciences of arithmetic and of geometry; that they might remain as records, for the benefit of those, who could afterwards comprehend them.

He ordered pillars to be cut, and an extensive pavement to be formed. The lead employed in the work was procured from the West. The stone came from the neighbourhood of Es Souan. In this way were built the Three Pyramids at Dashoor, the Eastern, the Western and the coloured one. In carrying on the work, leaves of papyrus, or paper, inscribed with certain characters, were placed under the stones prepared in the quarries; and upon being struck, the blocks were moved at each time the distance of a bowshot (about one hundred and fifty cubits), and so by degrees arrived at the pyramids. Rods of iron were inserted into the centres of the stones, that formed the pavement, and, passing through the blocks placed upon them, were fixed by melted lead. Entrances, with porticoes composed of stones fastened together by lead, were made forty cubits under the earth: the length of every portico being one hundred and fifty cubits. The door of the eastern pyramid was one hundred cubits eastward from the centre of the face, in which it was placed, and was in the building itself. The door of the westward pyramid was one hundred cubits westward, and was also in the building. And the door of the coloured pyramid was one hundred cubits southward of the centre, and was likewise in the building. The height of each pyramid was one hundred royal cubits, equal o five hundred common cubits. The squares of the bases were the same. They were begun at the eastern side. When the buildings were finished, the people assembled with rejoicing around the king, who covered the pyramids with coloured brocade, from the top to the bottom, and gave a great feast, at which all the inhabitants of the country were present.

He constructed, likewise, with coloured granite, in the western Pyramid, thirty repositories for sacred symbols, and talismans formed of sapphires, for instruments of war composed of iron which could not become rusty, and for glass, which could be bent without being broken; and also for many sorts of medicines, simple and compound, and for deadly poisons.

In the eastern pyramid were inscribed the heavenly spheres and figures representing the stars and planets in their forms, in which they were worshipped.

The king, also, deposited the instruments, and the thuribula, with which his forefathers had sacrificed to the stars, and also their writings; likewise, the position of the stars, and their circles; together with the history and chronicles of time past, of that, which is to come, and of every future event, which would take place in Egypt. He placed there, also, coloured basins (for lustration and sacrificial purposes), with pure water, and other matters.

Within the coloured pyramid were laid the bodies of the deceased priests, in sarcophagi of black granite; and with each was a book, in which the mysteries of his profession, and the acts of his life were related. There were different degrees among the priest, who were employed in metaphysical speculations, and who served the seven planets. Every planet had two sects of worshippers; each subdivided into seven classes. The first comprehended the priests, who worshipped, or served seven planets; the second, those who served six planets; the third, those who served five planets; the fourth, those who served four planets; the fifth, those who worshipped three planets; the sixth, those who served two planets; the seventh, those who served one planet. The names of these classes were inscribed on the sides of the sarcophagi; and within them were lodged books with golden leaves, which each priest had written a history of the past and a prophecy of the future. Upon the sarcophagi were, also, represented the manner, in which arts and sciences were performed, with the description of each process, and the object of it. The king assigned to every pyramid a guardian: the guardian of the Eastern pyramid was an idol of speckled granite, standing upright, with a weapon like a spear in his hand; a serpent was wreathed around his head, which seized upon and strangled whoever approached, by twisting round his neck, when it again returned to its former position upon the idol. The guardian of the western pyramid was an image made of black and white onyx, with fierce and sparkling eyes, seated on a throne, and armed with a spear; upon the approach of a stranger, a sudden noise was heard, and the image destroyed him. To the coloured he assigned a statue, placed upon a pedestal, which was endowed with the power of entrancing every beholder till he perished. When everything was finished, he caused the pyramids to be haunted with living spirits; and offered up sacrifices to prevent the intrusion of strangers, and of all persons, excepting those, who by their conduct were worthy of admission. The author then says, that, according to the Coptic account, the following passage was inscribed, in Arabic, upon the pyramids. "I, Surid, the king, have built these pyramids, and have finished them in sixty-one years. (Not - Makrizi says "in sixty years" and states that he had endeavoured to find them, but in vain) Let him, who comes after me, and imagines himself a king like me; attempt to destroy them in six hundred. To destroy is easier than to build. I have clothed them in silk: let him try to cover them with mats".

It is added, that the spirit of the northern pyramid had been observed to pass around it in the shape of a beardless boy, with large teeth, and a sallow countenance; that the spirit of the western pyramid was a naked woman, with large teeth, who seduced people into her power, and then made them insane, she was to be seen at mid-day and at sunset: and that the guardian of the coloured pyramid, in the form of an old man, used to scatter incense around the building with a thuribulum, like that used in Christian churches.

Where exactly does this tale make mention of “the sky came down and the stars fell upon the earth” to mark the locations and alignment of the pyramids"?

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