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another... typo 

from above thread
Thus two opposing addresses, two opposing eras singled out by the equinox causeway at Giza: c.1250 BC... the other c. 7710 in the future  (being 9710 years distant from the turn of the present Millennium, in the year 2000). 

Furthermore to the date rectified in  lovers' The Hands of Time topic, the above underlined equinox date, should of course, also read 11710 - confused by the BC/AD dating business, I had subtracted 2000 years from 9710 instead of addition in order to derive the correct future calendar date (besides a sleepless night :-o) what's a few years between friends and Pharaoh's anyhow?- dust... that great Aussie group AC/DC made a lot more sense... knowing when&how the rock&roll was born :-)

This thread Earth, as a sphere, in synchronization with space is also very relevant however, for those following the Polar wander - equinox Sun | Giza - Zodiac - min.&max. obliquity topic...

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