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It is what it is. Mapping that however, is not as simple. Correlating terrestrial geometry and construction, that first define Earth's primary attributes -- axis, equator and thus form -- then placing it in an oriented context within the Galaxy, in harmony with fixes, that defines its motion and keeping track of that, certainly required ability of such as related to spherical geometry. 
This is evident by the tangible vectoring, demonstrating the orbital mechanics of Earth, as a sphere, to the highest level of refinement. The ultimate link with the core of the Milky Way Galaxy - an umbilical chord to its beat... the big drum dictating to all Solar boats. 
That, certainly, is not the legacy of our classical... evolution. Other than certain construction and pre Dynastic legend, only, that level of intellect is not evidenced in the archaeology and subsequent cultural history, as a whole... 
By the same token then, we can acknowledge by the 'mathematics' of Giza, as will become evident... that, our civilization, when it comes to know-how :-) of planet Earth, the cutting edge stuff of a technological society that put... a man on the Moon, our excuse for a civilization... comes second (out of two... if one is mathematically minded, that equates as last :o) 

On the way to substantiating such an outlandish statement... elaborating on the significance of this, from my previous post:  "the equinox causeway alignment... G3, is geared at the constellation that 'houses' the Sun in a fixed epoch..."

Indeed, one point on the horizon, from anywhere on the Globe, or at zenith in the sky - anywhere along Earth's equator (coz it's equinox midday :-) It's not summer, nor winter -  visualize the Globe... suspended by its equator in nothing - hinged at two points 180deg opposed. With Orion at the observers back, where that umbilical terminates at the edge of our Galactic disc, gazing along its length toward its origin... (making the triangle sign with thumbs & forefingers is optional ;-) that golden strand, to the narrowest micron passing via the centers of the Sun & Earth and beyond to the very core of the Galaxy. 

The two intercept points 180deg opposed around Earth's equator are the two equinoxes -- in two vertical hemispheres facing opposite -- two eras, 13000 years apart...
That being the view of alignment, which the causeway of the Divine Pyramid, G3 singles out, on those two occasions: the centre of the Duat and the GC, the definitive... 

Briefly invoking the Zodiac ring that loops around the general vicinity of the celestial equator: seen in that perspective, as described, Earth's axis is viewed at perpendicular, aligned on the vertical between the two constellations, Virgo & Pisces -respectively located at right angle to the Orion-Galactic Spoke. The N.Pole in proximity of the EP, coinciding with Earth's PolarAxis at min. inclination. Observed in cross section -- the periphery of the day | night divide passion through both poles -- at perpendicular intersect to the Ori-Galactic spoke, Earth's axis is perceived to change inclination from its center - the North Pole, from slight inclination  toward Virgo, moving away to the opposite and taking a dip toward Pisces, attaining max. obliquity, having advanced around the equator of precession in a 180deg. revolution -i.e. Earth having undergone the motion.

The two equinoxes under the spotlight -- in focus along the Orion-GC intersect -- viewed in association with the Zodiac ring, translate as the Sun being hosted in Gemini & Sagittarius respectively - the latter in eclipse of the Galaxy Center. Thus two opposing addresses, two opposing eras singled out by the equinox causeway at Giza: c.1250 BC... the other c. 7710 in the future  (being 9710 years distant from the turn of the present Millennium, in the year 2000). 

In interfacing the Zodiac with the cycle of precession... calibrations employed by software will be out of sync...  -25+deg. angle translates in as much: -25+degrees, variability incurred in latitude... with regards to location on the Globe's surface. Variable obliquity in the Globe's polar axis transfers equally in the equator. The distance along Earth's equator, by which the cut with the ecliptic is advanced -- with relation to the International DateLine and Greenwich -- thereby incurring as much as 45degrees of longitude. In diurnal revolution it's only about 3hours but translates as some 3250years - so determined by the much slower revolution around the axis of precession.

The equinox, equated with upright-ness of Earth's axis, stability, is geographically located on the equator, off The Horn of the African Continent c.1250 BC (we recall, that time was also midway of the turn, involving the internal passages in polar wander from Vega to Polaris).

The Sun being hosted by the 12 constellations comprising the Zodiac, in the course of a Solar orbit is another aspect, quite different from that of the Zodiac processing by in increments of arc comprising 2160 years... so too the Sun's supposed occupation in each sector... This action occurring at odds with the ecliptic means: there are only two Zodiac constellations that engage in precessional equinox... Of prominence, Gemini, (Duat) ambles into the backdrop of the equinoctial Sun - a 'stand-still' of great relevance, being 'location' and occasion, in which all of our concepts of time - from the shortest to the longest unit merge: on the day with all its diurnal subdivisions; the equinox of the year and that of the measures of Ma'at... millennia
In a perpetual cycle, 13000 years later Sagittarius (GC) loiters in the spotlight to host the turn-around. Thus the EQUINOXes of precession -- each at the zenith of two opposing eras -- a day of 13millenia and a night of equal duration. 

The almighty... of the two equinoxes, singled out to feature at Giza, is indicated by the sign post above the door: O•O 
"the Pyramid, which is the Place... of Sunrise..." it's setting and entire form, embodying all its measures are in synchronicity, to the instant when the first ray of [/b]equinox[/b] Sunshine strikes the N flange of its East facade -- it is the mechanism that registers the parameters of time concerning the zep tepi cycle: 13 decals on a 26 millennia clock - the throne of Osiris  and seat of power, zero... The focal of the Sun returning the wandering capstone to equinox, the reset point of commencement... of time - first time, the Phoenix, birthing of a New Age and all that.

So, which came first - the chick... solstice, or the egg.. quinox..? in the OP it was demonstrated how the flat-earther could... determine a location - bearing in mind... that movement related to one orbit  around the Sun, a year. In the instance of a Great year: implicating the retrograde revolution... 26 millennia cycle, if counted in orbits... All indications contra... it would seem that Giza hatched the EQUINOX and that in actuality, Universal Law determines  the Sun Disc's first port o' call: it transpires that before the Sun can venture to solstice it necessarily has to first be at equinox, in the middle... and that demands prior knowledge.

Mentioned in the post before: "...the complex expresses: solstice, in the epoch coinciding with the equinox of the Divine Pyramid, G3".

So how was that known by the founders - which direction to build Menkaure's jetty? It is one Sun, remember, it cannot make an appearance at all the target stops simultaneously - it has a schedule. Thus, c.1250 BC... with the docking of the SolarBoat at G1's jetty... the SolarDisc is at solstice... this occurs in the epoch of the EQUINOX.., of which the Disc is on its long-term mooring at G3 and from where, it will excursion to G2's jetty to make it's alter ego solstice appearance...

Also mentioned previously: "The origin of the 28deg. angle, separating G1&G2 causeways, stems from a point along that very cut..." 
Further to that, the point terminates in the calibrated section termed 'barracks' I make about 72 of them. The true polar wander circle, of 72 deg diameter, to be completed in in a 360 revolution at a rate of around 1deg in 72years, so equalling the cycle in 25920 years. Does the shadow of Khafre's great pyramid interact and how crucial is it's positioning in that regard..?

From previous: "Giza communicates to the observer, wary that he is on a sphere... if... solstice is indeed 'indicated'... by way of the angled causeways.."
Giza as an observatory vs a map/message is not quite the same... its location in the N. hemisphere, as opposed to on the equator cause for a shift in perspective. It was not a communication directed at Neanderthal, man... if it is indeed that - a warning and not a secret... in code, exclusively for the elite - although some, certainly, would want to hijack it... like the 72 conspirators... Be it as may, it is no longer silent and obscure.

In conclusion then, it would seem... the mysteries of the pyramids are just about a wrap..? There's always a chamber or hall... however, for a little speculation - such as: it would be too great an error to be put down to a sleigh of hand by the bricklayer... 
The diagonal placement of the 3 Giza'mids are in conflict with the belt asterism by 14degrees, which in turn is reconciled in a correlation with the 14deg. obliquity minimum inclination... and probable that, carrying the priests' stamp of approval: the 45degree, with a point of origin in Heliopolis.., SunCity, just to emphasize it wasn't the ruler shifting while pencilling it on papyri - more likely that it was employed in addressing the watchmakers' requirement for fine-tuning the stone instrument, to comply with the aspects involved - somehow :-) 
G2 placement with regards Alnilam correlation, still under quality control scrutiny but money on it not being an error, but intent - in light of the overall impressive workmanship and geometrical harmony. 
Of course, a little artistic license should go without say... whether G1 was a bilge pump accompanying Noah, launched souls to space, the front runner for Svalbard, still conceals the mothership, or earthquake suppressor - essentially an-all-and-everything-in-one, the ultimate Swiss army knife... add to that: Giza being a graveyard... for 'classical precession' :o)

Although the cut with the ecliptic being out of kilter, astronomy software will be in partial 'harmony' with precession - involving ecliptic perspective and the primary constellations of the Zodiac. That changes dramatically however, when turning the fulcrum toward the polar regions... it becomes a far cry - a quick test by which to check your astronomy software: 

what was Earth's obliquity, on each occasion of the two equinoxes under discussion? 
a: ________ a: ________

where was the orientation of Earth's rotational axis directed... i.o.w. where had the N.Pole wandered and if applicable, which star was over the N.CelestialPole... on each occasion?
a: ________ a: ________

test results already out: 100% failure :o)
                  ---> • <---

"...Starry-starry night... now I understand.., they did not know how... perhaps, they'll do so now.. " :-D

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