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Bearing in mind that 'the movement of the Sun', is actually illusory... since it is a stationary object, insofar as Earth is concerned. In any event, precession, expressed in year count is misleading by employing orbit for an action very different - a retrograde revolution through 'day & a night'...
Thus a cycle, not sharing in the source, from which its measure is derived :o) it's a misnomer comprising 26000 Solar years - each producing two equinoxes, being two 180deg. opposed locations, along the equator, although it is observed... as one and the same/ Sunrise point... 

That location being derived from the two solstices -- a product of one Sun -- by observing its apparent movement... in a line along the horizon, which repeats annually... as it crosses from one hemisphere, bringing summer with it, to the other - two seasons, two hemispheres. All the 'locations' mentioned being relative to Earth's form, designated by its axis & equator, and its various motions with respect to one mutual constant, one immovable object - the Sun. 
The motion action entails the path of the Sun intersecting the equator, equinox - the event beheld by man and animal at perpendicular perspective in gazing upon the horizon, from behind which the Sun ascends :-) into the sky.
Perhaps this is of aid: being two spheres... supposing the separating distance removed, the point of contact between the Sun and Earth - that reference shifts about in the course of the Earth undergoing its various orbital motions. Upon encountering the equator, on one of two occasions, relates as EQUINOX.

Precession, in terms of perceiving the Sun, on the horizon, occurs concurrent and in 'overlap' but... which I claim to be in harmony during two instances only - due to its obliquity factor... as such precession only produces two equinoxes - 180 deg. rotation apart and coinciding with that of a tropical year, also 180deg. apart. Thus combining in a 'super equinox' during two eras 13millennia apart. Earth revolving, in precessional terms, then, in conjunction with the annual equinox, presents the equator to the  Sun - in a convergence of the two motions. In addition... invoking the constellations of the Zodiac, which roll by due to Earth's p-r-e-c-e-s-s-i-o-n-a-l revolution (12 letters :-) Viewed on the horizon, would place the Sun with one of those twelve sectors in the background. 

Distinctly different, the two cycles coincide on these two occasions, only, at one mutual point of intersect - a center balance, and likewise on the horizon, in alignment with the causeway extending from the Divine Pyramid, G3... It represents an unchanging constant - unmoved by precession, or axial tilt, an anchor of reliability in time but how was it determined without solstices... and which event does it convey - could  it be... that it indeed 'denotes' the unique occasion of the equinox... of precession

Rooted in the Sun-Earth relationship, therefore all related aspects inclusive, the communication specifically appears to emphasize the long count. In similar vein as... Earth's axis, with obliquity inclination of 23&1/2 degrees, determines the tropic circles to be separated by 47 degrees... since actual alignment occurs in a distant epoch, does the 28deg. angle separation between G1 & G2 causeways imply the tropic circles then? translating in Earth's axial inclination being 14deg. Indications are that solstice is not represented at Giza (yet equinox is) as argued in the opening post of this topic. 
Do any external features convey precession..? The interior passages do not align with the Sun... the equinox causeway alignment does... HOWEVER, as such it is also geared at the constellation that 'houses' the Sun in a fixed epoch... that measure is not annual but millennial... and astronomical. 

Which was the constellation fading in the twilight dawn with the glory of the Sun at the end of the causeway to G3... at the equinox associated with min. obliquity 3250 years ago... and which other constellation will be coinciding with max. obliquity, in 9750 years? What says Starry Night in that regard? Although eagerly winding back, or forwarding time is performed with an inherent deficiency involving the plane at which precession takes place, these two instances involve equinox interfaced with the Zodiac as opposed to circumpolar stars interfaced with Polar wander.

The budding astro-archaeologist is encouraged however at interloping hands-off-the-simulator with eyes-on-the-actual-stars astronomy, from the perspective in which it ought to be observed: the Earth being a fast spinning sphere, that slowly revolves in an opposing direction... causing variable obliquity in its Polar axis, whilst orbiting the Sun at a constant plane.
Giza communicates to the observer, wary that he is on a sphere and by night via the stars - is that the reason for solstice being sidelined at Giza, or is it overlooked and solstice is indeed 'indicated'... by way of the angled causeways? - in which case the complex expresses: solstice, in the epoch coinciding with the equinox of the Divine Pyramid, G3.

Again imploring the motion over the effect - the revolution which encounters a day and a night, each concurrently spanning 13000 years. Is G1 implicated in that role as "the Pyramid which is the Place of Sunrise and Sunset"... relating to a Great year?
Why G2 should be known as "the great pyramid" then, still being contemplated and... whether it was re-positioned for similar purpose, or mismatched with Alnilam...? could the star have shifted out of sync in proper motion - is data of its distance reliable (double check).

Giza is a unified concept, incorporating a wider plan... which communicates not via 'lengths' of stone walls connecting various sites but instead by geometrical lines, as they would be scribed in a cycloptic game of connect the dots... and then still, it is scaled down.
One such geometrical relationship, designated by the pyramid site of Zawyet el Aryan & Abu Rawash, accounts for the division cutting through Giza/Egypt and the planet... 
The map on the Globe is intended for an observer in the sky. In this day & night duality, it represents the sky as observed from Earth. *** Is Giza, in top view, relating the 'path of the Sun' - thereby denoting the action of a retrograde revolution through 'day & a night'. The correlating terrestrial division, that fixes Earth in synchronization with its surrounds in space, in two eras, is from such perspective: cutting diagonally through Giza. The origin of the 28deg. angle, separating G1&G2 causeways, stems from a point along that very cut...
< ref. hub & circle image >

From the OP: "That division, essentially represents two halves of a whole - the axis of precession". Indeed showing the motion - observable at perpendicular - 2dimensionally in near proximity, aerial, or 3D from more remotely, such as when you stand on the Moon :) at the right distance it can be overlaid, in unison, against the Milky Way.

Besides the illogical-in-any-epoch-idea of building a Sun dial, in 2D interaction of the horizon with the sky, that would outlive leagues... and the instrument itself highly unlikely to remain intact for the duration of actually counting down one cycle... Perhaps they are tombs - at least for classical precession, involving continual equinox interaction in advancing along the equator, therefore all equinoxes are automatically interfaced and as such overlaid in monitoring the Sun on the horizon - all the construction trouble to what purpose other than the effect produced by actions, involving one event that relates to Earth orbiting the Sun and the other Earths rearward revolution... 

Certainly it would be remarkable having knowledge of such intricacies related to Earth... but if that incorporated the knowledge of the day, why the need for the enormous expenditure, if it would be passed down the generations in the course of general education? The insight related to Earth orbital mechanics was not common knowledge during Egypt's 4th Dynasty - unless... if the ruling caste then, like today, were selling KoolAid :-) It is glaringly evident that the monuments are not only at odds with history but that precession actually occurs at odds with the horizon - thereby encountering two equinoxes only.

It had to be known, by other means and the conceptualization developed by 'others'... therefore, sophisticated concepts - looking at... Earth. The deeper communication directed accordingly, to an audience pitted against the anti-cipher expiry date and sufficiently knowledgeable of their habitat and to whom it would be relevant. It would seem... the message relates to scaling - birds eye... determined by the observer via his perspective, which is subject to how high he is :o) 

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