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assimilating the arc of true polar wander in child's play: 

Citing crude specifications, open to experimentation and for ease of obtaining... a short cylinder, not exceeding the length of a hand and with diameter that would allow sliding it onto the wrist (worn as a bracelet optional to its function :-) Alternatively a medium tin can with both ends removed.

Having identified Polaris and Vega, the polar wander ring... can be held at a distance that would place the two stars tangent to its circumference and more or less opposite each other, across its diameter. The pole of the ecliptic is located at center. If it were calibrated after the fashion of a clock face with Roman numerals, the two celestial objects would be positioned at roughly XII and VI respectively.
Applied in this manner, it represents the 47deg. diameter circle, scribed by a static obliquity axis -- Earth undergoing change of orientation, equidistant around the EclipticPole -- as predicted by classical precession. The observers' platform remains at the level and Sunlight distribution around the Globe unaffected.

Not restricted to but ideally performed when diurnal motion positions Vega between the horizon and Polaris - the latter being the location of the CelestialPole. Orion, to the observers back, will be at meridian culmination (time of occurrence will gradually shift with the season). Adding to the vertical arrangement, the EclipticPole although not directly visible, is located in-between the two stars in focus.   

Now, the variable obliquity path, that Starry Night or any other astronomy software, would not be able to simulate ;-) no worries, it can be observed... requiring the beholder to decrease the distance of the hand held ring and positioning the two stars so that their separating distance occupy approx.1/4 of arc -- Polaris in the vicinity of II & Vega at V o' clock -- voila! it's enlarged to a 72deg. diameter circle :-D yet still representing 26millennia. True polar wander follows the circumference in anti-clockwise direction. 

You are the oarsman standing aft on a Gondola, such as encountered in Venice... in your mind's eye: for Earth's axis, counterbalanced by its center -- overlaid on the EP -- to change orientation from its alignment with Polaris... the operator's :-) hands on the South end of Earth's axis, manipulate an action whereby the N Pole scribes the circle, which emanates from the pivot where the oar is lashed.
Similarly encountering sequential obliquity change, during which the Globe is subjected to redistribution of Sunlight - the extent of deviation can be gleaned in relation to the vertical (EP).

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