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thanks for that info Spiros
yes, the whole outlook of the planners seems to stem from spherical conceptions. 

Sphinx stares due East. The Menkaure causeway, at under a shade below 30deg lat. distant from the equator and not being 90deg seems logical - had it been parallel to the equator, it could not align with the Sunrise, over the equator - at equinox.

Importantly, in its correlating celestial role, as the star Mintaka... it also designates the equator.

The map of the sky, detailing Orion on the equator, in conjunction with the meridian extending from there to the N. celestial pole, was replicated on Earth... 

no less, facing the opposite direction...

where it was 'swung down'... a shade under 30degrees of latitude distant... from the equator, at Giza and spread across the Memphis necropolis, rolled out past Dashur and up to Meidum, in the South.

A 'true' correlation, scale and orientation irrespective, would have placed the belt asterism geographically also on the equator. In such a scenario the requirement for Menkaure's causeway would be, well 0* and in the middle of the two angled causeways, either side of it - all three stemming from a single origin.

In context of placement of Rostau at Giza, the separating angle of the Khufu & Khafre causeways, in that application still necessitates a mutual merging point of origin. 
The perspective being from the N hemisphere therefore accounts for Menkaure's equinox targeting causeway being set apart.

The Khafre causeway is thus directed across it the, to the 'other side' of the equator, to the Sun's distant (solstice) point South of East. The angle value you mention, of 13.5 degrees, will certainly be of relevance in considerations involving the math section, of the opening post.

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