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hi Laird
yes, it underscores the instruments' remarkable precision - uniquely and indirect by way of shadow - subtle not boldly pointing, such as the causeways... (with regards shadow, the 72..? calibrations of the 'workers barracks' may serve a different purpose).

If my contention, that Earth's obliquity is increasing, that phenomenon (involving Solstice) will be observed to gradually occur out of sync i.e. before the actual turning around of the Sun.
(would be interesting to know who physically... keeps track)
Similarly, the causeways that 'happen' to align with the cross quarters of our era, will no longer in the future, as the solstice separation angle accordingly increases. 

Most significant, when the change is seen in this light: the tropics will no longer be where the maps say...

Interesting also to contemplate the possibility of the Great Pyramid at c. 4500 BC... that shadow phenomenon still occurring as it does at present, only with Vega at the CP instead of Polaris.
More feasible..? (than c. 12000 BPE construct date) perhaps the weathering and climate of that interim could be reconciled in the accompanying obliquity flux. 

Alternatively, one has to accept that in c. 2500 BC the builders could actually plot any era they wished... and had astronomical knowledge, exceeding that of today: they knew how Earth, in space, is synchronized with its host star and the enveloping Galaxy -vs- how long a sector of actual arc of true polar wonder have we observed by 2016 to really know where it is headed, much less so climate...

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