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thanks for your response  Origyptian 

It would be difficult for me to summarize.., in any event, any better than here - for a general theme see Zep Tepi homepage.

From there onward, I would suggest this link, where the context of Egypt is covered in a few paragraphs, immediately following the introduction (+ related images).

stars * gods * pyramids, a sub page to the former and likewise, with images, as the title suggests, expounds some of the AE mythology aspects - how they inter relate and mutually, to the event, 'precession'.

In the Ice Age.. sub page, the star motion pattern image, with true polar wander arc projection, is essential. 

Hope it helps... as written somewhere in that 'treatise' (that's a nice description, had to look it up :-) originally deemed a summary... I also am encountering navigation difficulty - albeit for a different reason :o)

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