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Has this been mentioned yet - what of those copious early newspaper reports of skeletal remains of giants being uncovered in pioneering days in America. Were any of those remains preserved - ANY of them? Were all such remains discovered long ago, when the new world was rife with legend and the scientific establishment of the day far, far away - why are no new instances of gigantic human finds being made to this day - or are they?
It seems pretty typical for humans of gigantic stature to suffer debilitating problems from their giantism - Robert Wadlow, the one time tallest man, for instance, and among the regiment of giants founded by Prince Frederick of Brandenburg - it seems this regiment was more for show and publicity purposes, as the men were not considered fit for battle. The height of at least some of these soldiers seem to have fallen within the upper end of today's norm anyway, with just a few men of exceptional height.
It comes down to a fact of physics that a scaled up human frame just will not do the job for a giant. The massive girth of an elephants legs is suggestive of the basic problem. It has been said a ten foot man with a frame simply scaled up from a normal human being would break a leg with every step.
I don't see any report of the leg bones of the giant primate Ramipithecus having been found, mostly skull and jaw fragments, and teeth. But if they were, it would be interesting to study in what major ways the Ramipithecus frame differed from those of mainline Hominid species. Notably different I expect. But it may be the giant size of this extinct species is only an 'expertly inferred' figure from the nature of the scattered remains that have so far been found.
The tendencies to exaggerate and to spin yarns seems to be a deep-seated human trait. But I also agree this widely held truism can also, at times, cloud an unlikely truth.

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