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That is not a picture in OP's article.

No. However if a human is so easily scaled down, a measuring stick won't be much of an effort either.

Thanks for that and so easy for you anyway but it makes me think. How do you tell? Are there things to look for?

I have been sent pics which I think are photo shopped but it's difficult to be sure. Any tips?

If you type Photo Forensics into a search engine the first page is a tool to check for tampering.
(and some 21.900.000 additional search results)

It's for the regular run of the mill photoshoped pictures on the Internet. A really well made fake can't distinguished in any way from a genuine picture or photo. So it always has to be corroborated by other, verifiable evidence.

Next best thing is a reliable source. Has the person making the claim earned your trust?

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