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For those interested in Giants with info/data which is validated

Use search in this forum for Richard Dewhurst and Giants...
or Google. ..

The largest skeleton of a giant found which is US 1800 or later newspaper
is 18ft !!.

The Smithsonian cover up...

The historic records of Roman Legion campaigns Britannia and Germannia
where Roman soldiers faced 1000s of giants.

Giants are found on Easter Island (Robert Schoch)
Accross the Pacific...on Hawaii...they are known as the Hiti.

Several giant skeleton found with photoshop have surfed the net to cause
public ridicule.

Dewhurst points out and proves Smithsonian covered up America's ancient
Giant history...and so to...many other nations.

Malta is one nation which does not bury it's Giant history...

The evidence for giants worldwide...
going back beyond 10 000bc...even 30 000 bc exists.

I can confidently post the above as the many decades posting this forum on
Giants has not been overthrown by fact countered.

There were varying races of giants on the Ancient earth...
this itself is a DNA mystery...
and so too...why they reduced in size and went extinct.

T Bird

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