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(This takes a paragraph of prep before getting to the point below it.)

There is another, this one being quasi-Kabbalistic and Gnostic in flavor, story of Lilith being the First Wife of Adam, their parting, the birth of a race of 'creatures' (shapeshifters perhaps? ;) through Lilith, and Lilith returning to possess Eve (the way a Loa possesses a Vodoun, only without the benign intent towards the medium a Loa usually has) as Eve's body conceived Cain. Later on, when Cain was ousted by YHVH for following His instructions to the (as he found out) 'limit', he went east and founded the City of Enoch, named after his own first born son Enoch [not necessarily? to be confused with Enoch, descendent of Set(h), who walked with 'God', presumably YHVH, for 300, and constructed the legendary Enochian Tablets afterwards]. The question has always been: Who gave birth to Enoch, Cain's son, if Adam, Eve, Cain (sort of, considering), Able, and then Set(h) were the only 'humans' around? Would it have been the Lilitu, descendents of Lilith and Asmodai/Asmodeus? Or the Shining Ones (almost certainly Faerie), descendents of Lilith and Samael, later known as 'Lucifer', one of the most consistant translations of which meaning 'Shining One'? There are even implications of Lilith having 'consorted' with YHVH! Lilith, like Aphrodite-later-Venus (Magna Mater of Rome), had a lot of consorts, all of whom She lost one way or another, while being a prominant mother figure (in contrast to the traditional focus on the destructive traits YHVH apparently cursed Her with for turning against Him). Originally Lilith was the Serpent in the Tree of Life/Knowledge, later having 'Satan', confused with Samael, superimposed upon Her by the Medieval Catholic Church.

The point is lol! that I wonder if somehow Lilith could be the 'Widow', while Cain is the 'Son'. Something that controversial might be a part of why this particulalr topic of interest is so obscure.

~ E

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