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Thanks, yes they are valid-sense questions/issues which others also raise in objection. I have dealt with this in the chapter on this in my Atlantis paper. If i am allowed to post the link, it would be easier than me spending alot of time and effort (in a very bad situation & condition) rewriting it all. The Atlantis article can be seen at either [] or
[] (i think you have to replace the nz with your own country 2-letter abbreviation? or the with .com?) (Sorry it is not written very well.)

I will just post here a few points from that chapter and a few extra points.
There is evidence that Tiahuanaco was once a great sea-port (one example is "sea ports in the Andes" - Velikovsky).
The oldest boats evidence was found in Crete a few years ago. This might possibly match the ships of Kittim in bible? I would suggest that there was/is a link between Atlantis/Peru and Crete.
The statue in Azores pointing west with word cati/cates "this way" in Quechua.
Was it Hancock that said that the seas were not barrier but highways? "Sea power came before land-power" (Geopolitics).
The prehistoric stone age European cultures seem to have appeared suddenly on/from the Atlantic coast, suggesting ships?
Great Pyramid boat pits, and Great Pyramid geodesic knowledge.
Thor Heyerdahl.
Celts had high-sea-faring ships fleet in Caesar's/Roman times.
Reed boats of lake Titicaca look similar to Fasold's version of Noah's/Durupinar Ark.
If there was a continental shift then the Atlantic would previously have been anywhere upto half the current distance. (Could also have been currents changes?)
Remember the further back the closer to Noah's Ark knowledge they were.
There are evidences of contacts between Mediterranean & South America such as South America fan palm in Assyrian depictions of Toakkari Sea Peoples (Fitzgerald-Lee 'Great Migration'), cocaine and tobacco in New Kingdom mummies, and also murex from Mexico (Compton 'Exodus Lost')
The Popul Vuh says the 1st race explored the 4 corners of the earth.
Various book authors give evidences of trans-Atlantic or trans-Arctic contacts (eg Don Mackenzie, Barry Fell, Nigel Davies, Pierre Honore, Sitchin, Heyerdahl, Hancock, SC Compton, etc). The 3 pyramids of Sipan seem to look similar to 3 pyramids of Giza?
The Heliolithic culture was found lots of places around the world including Peru.
"Myths" of Naymlap etc.
(Just to ruin it with some crazy, perhaps they also even had air craft.)
(Some of the contacts may have been across the Pacific, maybe via India.)

It is my opinion that they originally came from the Middle East area.
Tiahuanaco at bottom of Titicaca is similar to Eridu at top of Gulf.
Sumerian king list says Meskiaggasheir crossed the sea and went up to the mountains which might connect with Andes/Atlantis.
Lots of ancient cultures around the world had very similar versions of 4 world quarters/ages (or rivers/lands of Eden).

The Atlanteans and the Phaeacians seem to be said to have been great seafarers. There is some (if not alot) evidence that Andeans were seafarers.
The "candelabra/trident" at Paracas seems to indicate sea route?

The Atlanteans & Phaeacians were also said to have been most distant and not to have had much contacts with the Old World.

Unfortunately some other people that use these few challenging questions to dismiss the evidence of Atlantis in South America. They ignore the stark matches with Akapana, Tiahuanaco, Altiplano, Andes, S America. But the challenging doubts are not disproof of the stark matches.

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