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There was a google map image of grid like patterns found in Atlantic some years ago. Berlitz and others mention finds of continental rocks, etc in mid-Atlantic and/or Caribbean. They found tachylite.
There is a claim of Atlantis finds in Bermuda triangle. There is the Bimini "wall" in Bahamas.
One of Hancock's books mentions that there is no evidence of sunken continents in the Atlantic.
Mid Atlantic is moving outwards and upwards not inwards and downwards (except for small bits like Surtsey).
Atlantis has not been found there but somewhere else though.

Any match for Atlantis has to match all the details of the Atlantis Account (without resorting to composite text theories). These details include the Large Plain, the Concentric circles city. The high mountains. The "sinking" catastrophe. The elephants, and bulls. The many species of animals. The 10 kings realms. The distance. The direction. The large size. Etc.

News sure spreads very slowly.
'Yourconscience' is right that Atlantis is South America.
Atlantis city has certainly been found at Tiahuanaco. There are many stark matches in the city and the country.

The size of the temple/palace matches the one at Tiwanaku. The hill (dwelling of Clito (& Poseidon)) is the Akapana at Tiwanaku. The distance from the city/centre to sea matches. There are some of the circles seen in diagrams of Tiwanaku by Posnansky and others (eg in Alford's book), and name means "stone in the centre".

The mountains of Atlantis account match Andes (which also roughly correspond to the Atlas Mtns in nw Africa).
The large plain is (roughly) Atiplano.
The channels and population are seen in geoglyphs evidences (which surround Tiahuanaco).

The Inca picture from the Coricancha shows a number of details that are given in the Atlantis Account including the large Plain and surrounding ditch and criss-crossing channels, the concentric circles city, the hill, the sea/Titicaca, the 2 crops a year ("summer and winter"), etc.
The Atlas pillar motif is seen in the spade symbol above Andean masks (in one/some seen rising from the 3 concentric circles city).

Statue in Azroes pointing west connected with Quechua word cates "this way".

Many other evidences. Unfortunately they refuse to accept it without also answering a few extra doubts. Some criticisms we have actually answered (like "oh but Atlantis sank/subsided/submerged but Andes was raised" which is answered in chapter on the "sinking" which includes crust displacement and/or continental shift evidences), but they are not satisfied yet on some extra issues like the distance and evidences of boats/ships and bases between Peru and E Mediterranean.
(Note that authors give evidence that Andes were pushed up quickly in lifetime of human civilisation (see Velikovsky, Lissner, Darwin, Berlitz, Bellamy, Fasold, etc).)
(Note: English translations of the original Greek have been shown to not be very good.)

It even seems Graham Hancock's comment on "then under the sun" in his Ark book may match that Peru was at one stage on the equator in pole shift maps.

If anyone is openly/objectively interested you should either:
- Look up the Inca picture from the Coricancha and see the matches in it with Plato's Account,
- Look up Jim Allen's Atlantis in Bolivia site (though he had a different nominated city site some miles further south),
- You can search these details and find my sites/blogs Atlantis Thesis Paper which gives many of my found matches with the city and country (not sure i am allowed to give links). (Though it is not written very well, but it is still not too hard to see our the evidences in it.)
- Look up Posnanskies book, and Sitchin's 'Lost Realms', and Aflord's 'Gods of New millenium' and see the many matches with Peru/Andes and Tiahuanaco in them (thought they did not connect it with Atlantis).

The date is a more complicated issue which i dealt with on Atlantis Onine forum.

Note: I am looking at evidence that Eden may have been in Antarctica; but Atlantis was certainly South America / Tiahuanaco not Antarctica. Possibly South America/Atlantis was "Asshur" in that chapter.
Sean B.

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