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I'm aware of this possibility. The Great Salt Lake of Utah would be another consideration for this process as others like the Caspian and Aral Seas. I would be very interested in this as theories can be explained away by something as simple as a terminal basin. Also, to consider, the run off of mine tailings from the upstream mining operations contribution to the deposits and depletion of the source of hydration of the salt pans which are numerous all over this arid land. Most recently just days ago, Poopo dried up showing the natural cycle that closed or terminal basins exhibit. This area of the Andes wasn't always arid though. And it is rich in all sorts of mineral deposits. But outflow of massive proportions, beyond the annual rainfall level of erosion, is obvious in a wide range of the altiplano. These signs that are evident all across this area and exclusive of this area show massive drainage in a single event. Oral history supports this event. Removing the sea induced saline deposits doesn't change the obvious event that occurred over the lands.

Impact area of the theoretical tsunami 11,500 years ago.
Riffles created by receding sea waters
Lake Poopo showing ancient outflow to the west. It wasn't always endorheic. Something changed that.
Titicaca is one of less than twenty ancient lakes on earth, and is thought to be three million years old. It is a freshwater lake and in the past was connected to Poopo, Coipasa and Uyuni by outflow and not always being a closed system. Some event changed all that.

This entire basin was and inland freshwater sea at one time. Something changed that.

One last note. I've not been a believer in Atlantis. And it's pinpoint has been elusive all throughout history for lack of an evidentiary cataclysm until now with Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson pointing out the hypothesis of cataclysmic epoch of this consequential time period of Atlantis. Plato's Allegory does not state Atlantis "sank" into the sea, his account goes thusly, "and the great island of Atlantis also disappeared "in" the sea". On this subject I would imply that Atlantis was "swept" into the sea. And if this is Atlantis is yet to be proven. At least, it is a real possibility with real event and topography to support it. Many of Grimm's fairytales have been proven to come from actual events, just admonished......a little bit.

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