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Albert at 142 324  Dr. Troglodyte  17-Mar-21 18:24 
Last Post by Eddie Larry
What so many of us have been waiting for 623  45  PB Bytes  17-Mar-21 00:34 
Last Post by WhoWeird
Norton Juster (1929–2021) 364  Milo  15-Mar-21 18:23 
Last Post by Milo
An ancient question... 504  Nolondil  15-Mar-21 01:54 
Last Post by Nolondil
Writing short story: need advice 483  BrianThomas  13-Mar-21 14:39 
Last Post by Edmond
Freemasons Facing Declining Membership 376  20  Milo  12-Mar-21 16:28 
Last Post by Milo
Short story 345  michael seabrook  04-Mar-21 22:50 
Last Post by michael seabrook
Catching up with San Francisco & New York City 332  Milo  03-Mar-21 19:31 
Last Post by Milo
Plato's cave 704  25  Milo  28-Feb-21 19:16 
Last Post by Milo
Mongolia 373  Susan Doris  28-Feb-21 18:32 
Last Post by Susan Doris
The greatest strength in the best places 680  20  drew  28-Feb-21 13:41 
Last Post by Glass Jigsaw
Beautiful cartoons by Raphael & stunning Dante drawings 429  18  Milo  28-Feb-21 03:17 
Last Post by Milo
Lock down 526  119  michael seabrook  25-Feb-21 18:48 
Last Post by WhoWeird
WhoWeird & Code of Conduct 349  14  Milo  25-Feb-21 18:28 
Last Post by WhoWeird
One of the most astonishing conductors I've ever seen 417  Milo  25-Feb-21 02:05 
Last Post by Milo
three jokes 353  Skel8tor  23-Feb-21 04:23 
Last Post by Skel8tor
Poem inspired by America before 335  DominikPhilippi  21-Feb-21 06:23 
Last Post by DominikPhilippi
Lindeman Again 345  molder  20-Feb-21 12:13 
Last Post by molder
This topic has been moved.: Look at what i found in the museum. 15  RichardReMark  20-Feb-21 09:21 
Last Post by Anonymous User
Has anyone heard of Riley Hansard Crabb? 354  CaliNCMN  14-Feb-21 00:39 
Last Post by CaliNCMN
How to troll people while staying safe 360  Nolondil  09-Feb-21 22:20 
Last Post by Nolondil
Joe Rogan moving to Spotify 553  Nolondil  02-Feb-21 20:27 
Last Post by Nolondil
Dare Science 368  D-Archer  28-Jan-21 14:35 
Last Post by D-Archer
EnergyLines - Sydney Australia 393  Robert Jameson  28-Jan-21 11:32 
Last Post by Robert Jameson
Hancockophobia on Wikipedia and elsewhere 371  Skeptical Critical Analytical Type  26-Jan-21 07:05 
Last Post by Skeptical Critical Analytical Type
RIP: Larry King 355  Nolondil  24-Jan-21 01:22 
Last Post by Nolondil
Sharpening hunting knife for friend - what angle? 396  rsriad134  23-Jan-21 16:51 
Last Post by Dr. Troglodyte
Rare video footage of a rehearsal at Bayreuth in 1934 477  Milo  20-Jan-21 11:45 
Last Post by Milo
How to distract Milo 421  Open mind  17-Jan-21 23:25 
Last Post by Dr. Troglodyte
tlhIngan Hol 360  Dr. Troglodyte  17-Jan-21 00:01 
Last Post by Dr. Troglodyte
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