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A social and/or notice board and is not so much for discussing Grahams work, or related topics as covered by the other boards, but more like a place where people can share other things. 
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Sticky: Mod Note: Forum Quote Option 2,802  19  JonnyMcA  13-Nov-16 21:11 
Last Post by Itatw70s
Quote of the day 4,238  227  molder  27-May-17 11:13 
Last Post by molder
Joke Of The Day! 4,223  163  Brian Patterson  27-May-17 11:05 
Last Post by molder
Men, Want to be Happy??????? 34  Lowelldw64  26-May-17 22:32 
Last Post by Archaic
Congrats and thank you to Graham 544  SGillum  25-May-17 15:15 
Last Post by MormonDiogenes
NHL Playoffs 602  Archaic  24-May-17 16:42 
Last Post by HH Holmes
Secret Highlights of Trumps trip to Saudi Arabia? 111  Lowelldw64  22-May-17 11:52 
Last Post by Lowelldw64
Getting involved in deep studies of the past 351  16  Atreides  21-May-17 04:28 
Last Post by Notinham
audio ads "break" the web! 147  brett z  20-May-17 23:16 
Last Post by brett z
Dr. Who On Measure ◙ One, Two, Three, Four… 185  Dr. Troglodyte  19-May-17 03:03 
Last Post by molder
Chris Cornell 166  poster72  18-May-17 21:32 
Last Post by poster72
Atlantis in Malta 189  Moira Eleven  17-May-17 20:39 
Last Post by AstralDruid
New item in the think tank .. Eridanus as a cosmic power ... which board? 277  SallyA  14-May-17 00:33 
Last Post by SallyA
Conservation 465  Fsbirdhouse  12-May-17 21:55 
Last Post by Archaic
HELP WANTED – NASA 307  Dr. Troglodyte  10-May-17 15:27 
Last Post by Dr. Troglodyte
It's just one week before War God 3 launch and no mention on web site and no pre-orders anywhere? 672  DNA  02-May-17 13:43 
Last Post by DNA
Willie Nelson turned 80 this spring 476  12  laughin  01-May-17 17:08 
Last Post by Brian Patterson
Pei’s Paris Pyramid 808  Dr. Troglodyte  27-Apr-17 00:18 
Last Post by Dr. Troglodyte
I. M. Pei 佰,百 479  Dr. Troglodyte  26-Apr-17 00:00 
Last Post by Dr. Troglodyte
"Writer, Sailor, Soldier, Spy" 490  Eddie Larry  25-Apr-17 23:34 
Last Post by Caesar42
Warning to Israel & All who Support America & Pope's Evil Agenda 529  Lowelldw64  25-Apr-17 16:01 
Last Post by eyeofhorus33
Shambhala Raising 516  jenishurley  23-Apr-17 03:14 
Last Post by jenishurley
Quotes and Posts --please help 652  Itatw70s  22-Apr-17 15:11 
Last Post by David L
Hey chicklets! I am coming Back On 547  Ghia  20-Apr-17 22:56 
Last Post by Ghia
A board for poetry? 575  Susan Doris  15-Apr-17 16:06 
Last Post by AstralDruid
Clever parcel sorting 575  DUNE  12-Apr-17 18:34 
Last Post by DUNE
Been a few decades since I watched Ben Hur 653  David L  11-Apr-17 14:24 
Last Post by David L
Baseball and Football in America 691  Fsbirdhouse  09-Apr-17 16:45 
Last Post by Fsbirdhouse
Rhymes with Hiawatha 640  ArjunaK  07-Apr-17 13:38 
Last Post by Dr. Troglodyte
Has anyone met someone from Grahams books? 724  houseofleaves  07-Apr-17 09:07 
Last Post by Archaic
Graham & Randall Carlsons' trip across USA 810  sigurdson18  06-Apr-17 15:04 
Last Post by carolb
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