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For the discussion of general and orthodox history from the advent of writing up to mid 20th Century, i.e. 3,200BC up to World War II. 
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Chronology of the ancient near east 1,293  19  Voyager  30-Mar-11 15:11 
Last Post by OCaptain
The Ninth Legion 1,191  23  Nebankh  24-Mar-11 21:18 
Last Post by Nebankh
Brilliant Spies: Mata Hari and Yoshikawa 1,045  Deep1  19-Mar-11 03:40 
Last Post by Buck 45
On this day, 2055 years ago. 1,063  Pete Vanderzwet  18-Mar-11 00:52 
Last Post by Eddie Larry
The Crusades 1,693  Pete Vanderzwet  17-Mar-11 15:26 
Last Post by lovejoy
What did the Romans ever do for us? 1,239  27  laughin  17-Mar-11 02:41 
Last Post by Eddie Larry
Napoleon: Great Man or Villain? 1,184  34  Pete Vanderzwet  15-Mar-11 09:13 
Last Post by MJT
Philosophical Question 1,252  12  PB Bytes  14-Mar-11 22:53 
Last Post by PB Bytes
Owain Glyndwr, Show Thyself. 1,173  Pete Vanderzwet  12-Mar-11 09:42 
Last Post by Loki74
Colour photographs of 'Great Quake' unearthed 1,388  Pete Vanderzwet  12-Mar-11 00:27 
Last Post by Pete Vanderzwet
Lincoln asked Britain to help set up colony for freed slaves 1,246  Pete Vanderzwet  12-Mar-11 00:25 
Last Post by Nolondil
Photographer of "Saigon Execution" Sorry He Took Photo 1,315  Pete Vanderzwet  11-Mar-11 15:35 
Last Post by Aine
Welcome 1,356  13  lukehancock  10-Mar-11 18:41 
Last Post by poster72
256 AD: Romans die from chemical attack in fight with Persians 1,839  Pete Vanderzwet  10-Mar-11 18:28 
Last Post by Pete Vanderzwet
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