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10,000 fingers 57  Jim Alison  06-Aug-20 22:46 
Last Post by greengirl5
40,000-Year-Old Rope-Making Tool 1,987  49  Dr. Troglodyte  06-Aug-20 17:28 
Last Post by eli stills
A possible Blueprint for Giza ? 1,366  239  DUNE  06-Aug-20 16:23 
Last Post by DUNE
Where is the centaur in Egyptian myth? 56  Lobsang  06-Aug-20 03:41 
Last Post by Lobsang
Ancient Egyptian numerals and the Dynamic of the Universe 384  42  Laird Scranton  05-Aug-20 22:37 
Last Post by drew
Corbelled structures as polyphonic Waveguides? 87  Trevorjjj  05-Aug-20 22:31 
Last Post by Trevorjjj
Definitely not Astrology 584  70  paxton  05-Aug-20 14:51 
Last Post by Aine
Sneferu pyramid placement 152  Spiros  05-Aug-20 14:19 
Last Post by Spiros
Common Design Theme to Old Kingdom Pyramids 258  21  engbren  05-Aug-20 12:30 
Last Post by engbren
Ancient man-bag mystery solved? Enki motif? 174  Wesjoenixon  05-Aug-20 00:15 
Last Post by Glass Jigsaw
Fibonacci in the DP 686  42  Jim Alison  04-Aug-20 19:39 
Last Post by hendrik dirker
Great Pyramid - mathematical talisman 1,702  46  hendrik dirker  04-Aug-20 18:36 
Last Post by hendrik dirker
Younger dryas 65  The_Crazed_One  04-Aug-20 16:31 
Last Post by Mike D
They cracked a cipher in the bible, started excavate and almost found the Ark of Covenant but then the Rotschilds stopped them? 133  hedvallen  04-Aug-20 15:06 
Last Post by hedvallen
Arab peninsula mystery 611  72  Fahadtn  02-Aug-20 16:50 
Last Post by gulsbo
Egyptian Hieroglyphics New interpretation! 210  Thought Criminal  30-Jul-20 17:55 
Last Post by Mike D
30,000 year old stone tools found in Mexico 207  13  Constantine  30-Jul-20 17:48 
Last Post by Mike D
The Subterranean Complex of Senwosret III, at Abydos 90  waggy  28-Jul-20 15:58 
Last Post by Hanslune
This topic has been moved.: Stones that Grow and Move 21  Robert Jameson  28-Jul-20 05:42 
Last Post by Anonymous User
G1 Sarcophagus and Phi 701  129  gjb  27-Jul-20 22:10 
Last Post by thinkitover
Return to the Brain of Eden 119  ddg325  24-Jul-20 16:56 
Last Post by ddg325
The ancient Egyptian Ennead and stellar nucleosynthesis 68  william gleeson  24-Jul-20 04:00 
Last Post by william gleeson
Younger Dryas Onset 99  Constantine  23-Jul-20 16:16 
Last Post by Dr. Troglodyte
Nuclear Physics and the Younger Dryas Impact 223  KsFisher  23-Jul-20 05:17 
Last Post by KsFisher
This topic has been moved.: proof that some ancient Hawaiian structures are 1 million years old? Mariobuildreps 435  sunny_eyes  22-Jul-20 18:57 
Last Post by Anonymous User
Was the Great Pyramid's Design influenced by Saturn? 1,466  154  engbren  22-Jul-20 18:32 
Last Post by Spiros
The Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Texts revisited 195  12  william gleeson  21-Jul-20 02:43 
Last Post by Hanslune
The Truth about Sumero-Egyptian Osiris is in the Tablets 1,146  167  MDaines  20-Jul-20 15:27 
Last Post by Thanos5150
Polar Flip. Ancient Structures. NASA. Great Flood. All Linked? 862  47  illicitQi  20-Jul-20 13:35 
Last Post by seasmith
Gunung Padang, etc 99  Doc Cartwright  20-Jul-20 10:21 
Last Post by Doc Cartwright
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