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10,000 fingers 806  84  Jim Alison  18-Sep-20 23:45 
Last Post by drew
Ancient Egyptian numerals and the Dynamic of the Universe 647  67  Laird Scranton  18-Sep-20 23:23 
Last Post by drew
How Did We Become the "SPECIES WITH AMNESIA"? 315  33  cladking  18-Sep-20 23:10 
Last Post by Hanslune
The Lion Man 161  13  ocka  16-Sep-20 03:41 
Last Post by Thanos5150
Who fudged ancient numbers? 625  21  drew  15-Sep-20 23:44 
Last Post by Mercurial
A possible Blueprint for Giza ? 1,709  271  DUNE  15-Sep-20 23:41 
Last Post by Mercurial
Geoglypse in Montana? 56  secondgear  15-Sep-20 23:39 
Last Post by Dr. Troglodyte
Pyramid Ground Plans 652  42  Bird's_eye_view  15-Sep-20 12:11 
Last Post by DUNE
Americans uncovering their homestates 12,500 year old evidence like Randall discovered in the channel scablands and how do we start ? 215  CooneyPa17976  15-Sep-20 11:18 
Last Post by Merrell
Bosnian piramids 90  Matejuss  14-Sep-20 19:10 
Last Post by Merrell
Gilgamesh in other nations myths 54  Rofhessa  13-Sep-20 07:25 
Last Post by Rofhessa
Rise & Fall Indo-Aryan civilization 306  23  seasmith  13-Sep-20 01:35 
Last Post by seasmith
Evidence of a pre-ice age megalithic wall in Spokane ? 125  DeltaCrawDaddy  12-Sep-20 20:17 
Last Post by DeltaCrawDaddy
Stone Circles, the Megalithic Yard and the Lunatic Fringe 1,163  79  gjb  12-Sep-20 07:09 
Last Post by thinkitover
The Nineveh Constant. 6,778  27  Michael Hayes  11-Sep-20 13:25 
Last Post by PhiPIandI
Common Design Theme to Old Kingdom Pyramids 513  31  engbren  11-Sep-20 13:02 
Last Post by engbren
The Piri Reis and Oronteus Finaeus Maps 202  10  D0ZT  11-Sep-20 10:51 
Last Post by molder
The Sphinx 80  ann dolan  10-Sep-20 22:41 
Last Post by Open mind
EAA 221  12  molder  09-Sep-20 03:52 
Last Post by Mercurial
This topic has been moved.: StoneHenges 11  PhilipHayden  08-Sep-20 18:52 
Last Post by Anonymous User
This topic has been moved.: An ID for all real reason for covid 19 36  molder  08-Sep-20 15:00 
Last Post by Anonymous User
Ancientness 84  charlesupton  08-Sep-20 11:11 
Last Post by drew
Legacy Of Kásskara: Hopi History, Spirituality And Symbolism 99  Shawn Hamilton  07-Sep-20 00:29 
Last Post by drew
Great Pyramid's 'void' and drilling a hole 418  41  PB Bytes  06-Sep-20 18:30 
Last Post by Warwick
Could this be more evidence to support the Extinction event 12,800yrs ago 111  Bob Saget  04-Sep-20 04:38 
Last Post by Bob Saget
Cup & Ring Marks — Repetitio mater studiorum est 87  jnisbet  03-Sep-20 22:50 
Last Post by jnisbet
could the schist disc be a mechanical feeder of some kind 819  330  pendejo  03-Sep-20 22:14 
Last Post by Open mind
Proof Ancient People Were not Superstitious! 7,564  757  cladking  03-Sep-20 20:11 
Last Post by cladking
Archaeological bias against early Americans 348  41  derryness  03-Sep-20 12:30 
Last Post by Open mind
No words... 113  ALF4  03-Sep-20 02:50 
Last Post by Trevorjjj
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