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Pyramid Ladder 252  31  Steve Clayton  01-Dec-20 04:12 
Last Post by Steve Clayton
Possible identification of the sages "magic bags" 150  11  Baldur  01-Dec-20 03:38 
Last Post by Trevorjjj
I have solved the message of Giza (the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid) 439  23  Your New Aristotle  01-Dec-20 03:00 
Last Post by Brian Patterson
Great Pyramid - mathematical talisman 1,876  50  hendrik dirker  01-Dec-20 01:36 
Last Post by thinkitover
The Gobekli Tepe totem became a Mithraic cult object 275  18  GoodCapricorn  01-Dec-20 01:34 
Last Post by Glass Jigsaw
Tau 127  molder  30-Nov-20 22:28 
Last Post by molder
Was the Capitol built on an ancient site? 401  44  Mercurial  30-Nov-20 21:03 
Last Post by drew
The World in an Avoirdupois Ounce 983  164  magisterchessmutt  30-Nov-20 19:18 
Last Post by Glanymor1948
This topic has been moved.: Save Stonehenge 18  thinkitover  30-Nov-20 13:25 
Last Post by Anonymous User
It hit me like a 10mph car wreck 197  Mound Wonderer  30-Nov-20 12:14 
Last Post by Mercurial
Barracks for Soldiers? 92  Steve Clayton  29-Nov-20 23:39 
Last Post by SandyJesse
Stone sheres in Costa Rica 30  ronald35  29-Nov-20 21:02 
Last Post by Dr. Troglodyte
A year on the Giza plateau 517  60  molder  29-Nov-20 16:49 
Last Post by Glanymor1948
Translation of Egyptian Hieroglyphs indicting "our" 3 Sun System? 62  SpiritedWoman  29-Nov-20 11:00 
Last Post by molder
Drill cores in Egypt - how did they do it? 2,548  108  Riaan  29-Nov-20 03:39 
Last Post by John Frum
Pyramid Building within the Time Frame 934  264  Steve Clayton  28-Nov-20 18:29 
Last Post by cladking
Glacial Great Flood 46  Matsugai  28-Nov-20 16:03 
Last Post by Matsugai
The Piri Reis and Oronteus Finaeus Maps 614  26  D0ZT  28-Nov-20 10:17 
Last Post by molder
Arab peninsula mystery 791  73  Fahadtn  27-Nov-20 11:33 
Last Post by Veho
Angkor Wat 342  23  John Frum  25-Nov-20 17:20 
Last Post by Glass Jigsaw
On the Origin of English 106  jetmechanic1  25-Nov-20 17:01 
Last Post by Glass Jigsaw
Precessional question 35  Iceburn  25-Nov-20 15:17 
Last Post by Iceburn
This topic has been moved.: Food for Thought 54  reilly  25-Nov-20 14:38 
Last Post by Anonymous User
Amanita Muscaria in Shamanic rituals 70  Zoldian  24-Nov-20 20:16 
Last Post by thinkitover
O C T allegation. . . clarification? 2,724  135  PB Bytes  23-Nov-20 02:40 
Last Post by Spiros
Question on the Great Pyramid of Giza measurements 54  Iceburn  20-Nov-20 15:43 
Last Post by thinkitover
This topic has been moved.: posting error -disregard 12  PB Bytes  20-Nov-20 15:27 
Last Post by Anonymous User
Common Design Theme to Old Kingdom Pyramids 771  41  engbren  20-Nov-20 07:52 
Last Post by Manu
The total absurdity of all pyramid construction theories 1,270  305  Trevorjjj  20-Nov-20 06:18 
Last Post by Trevorjjj
solar induced vs comet fragment impacts 223  19  Redwood1  19-Nov-20 20:32 
Last Post by Open mind
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