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A possible Blueprint for Giza ? 2,598  415  DUNE  24-Jan-21 17:04 
Last Post by Trevorjjj
Egyptian Knowledge of Degrees 126  engbren  24-Jan-21 16:45 
Last Post by Spiros
Gilgamesh in other nations myths 440  10  Rofhessa  24-Jan-21 07:16 
Last Post by Edmond
Herodotus, Eratosthenes and Borchardt's cubit rods 477  54  Jim Alison  24-Jan-21 03:57 
Last Post by thinkitover
Serapeum evidence of advanced ancient civilization 317  27  Open mind  23-Jan-21 18:22 
Last Post by Mike D
This topic has been moved.: Sharpening hunting knife for friend - what angle? 17  rsriad134  23-Jan-21 10:39 
Last Post by Anonymous User
Who kept time for 9,000 years? 550  12  mrmagmax  23-Jan-21 10:30 
Last Post by Edmond
Bruniquel Cave 238  11  Mercurial  21-Jan-21 04:34 
Last Post by seasmith
Natufian Nemesis 166  seasmith  20-Jan-21 01:13 
Last Post by Hanslune
The Gobekli Tepe totem became a Mithraic cult object 576  30  GoodCapricorn  18-Jan-21 15:40 
Last Post by Edmond
Gobeki tepe and its potential connection to the Vedic culture 570  21  michael seabrook  18-Jan-21 15:21 
Last Post by Edmond
The Piri Reis and Oronteus Finaeus Maps 950  36  D0ZT  17-Jan-21 17:46 
Last Post by Mike D
Angkor Wat 637  32  John Frum  15-Jan-21 15:31 
Last Post by Glass Jigsaw
Anomaly on seabed north from Bahamas 165  Masaa  14-Jan-21 22:40 
Last Post by Dr. Troglodyte
Just wanted to test some waters 263  20  drew  14-Jan-21 13:59 
Last Post by Susan Doris
Hopi History: Hi-tech Clan Warfare in the Americas 948  37  Shawn Hamilton  14-Jan-21 00:34 
Last Post by SandyJesse
Polar Flip. Ancient Structures. NASA. Great Flood. All Linked? 1,072  48  illicitQi  12-Jan-21 18:49 
Last Post by 2kIntellect
Sharing some 'bright insight' on topic of Atlantis... 3,778  63  Racho  12-Jan-21 16:29 
Last Post by Dr. Troglodyte
Atlantis [38° 32' 06"N, 29°24' 09"W] 645  33  Apocalypse  12-Jan-21 16:24 
Last Post by Apocalypse
This topic has been moved.: Resurrection of Jesus 12  Spiros  11-Jan-21 17:38 
Last Post by Anonymous User
Great Pyramid - mathematical talisman 2,061  53  hendrik dirker  11-Jan-21 15:51 
Last Post by hendrik dirker
Is the Richat Structure Atlantis? 270  20  SonOfMercury  11-Jan-21 13:57 
Last Post by Mike D
could the schist disc be a mechanical feeder of some kind 1,059  337  pendejo  10-Jan-21 19:12 
Last Post by pendejo
This topic has been moved.: GE0METRICAL INSPIRATIONS _ 04 32  Horatech  10-Jan-21 07:00 
Last Post by Anonymous User
It's A Pi-Happy World 462  55  magisterchessmutt  10-Jan-21 03:14 
Last Post by magisterchessmutt
deleted. n/t 74  cladking  07-Jan-21 20:20 
Last Post by cladking
Was the Capitol built on an ancient site? 767  71  Mercurial  07-Jan-21 10:15 
Last Post by Mercurial
What the.... 290  10  Trevorjjj  04-Jan-21 21:21 
Last Post by Glass Jigsaw
Suite au livre Magicien des dieux 135  Longomai  02-Jan-21 14:14 
Last Post by Glass Jigsaw
Boats found in strange place 460  11  Wheeler  01-Jan-21 22:06 
Last Post by Mike D
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