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Is it Possible to Create an Ethical Psychedelics Company?
9th April 2021 | | Humans, Misc.

The debate around psychedelic patents reflects a deeper question about how to create a business model that puts values before profits.

Humans Were Actually Apex Predators For 2 Million Years, New Study Finds
9th April 2021 | | Ancient, Humans

Paleolithic cuisine was anything but lean and green, according to a recent study on the diets of our Pleistocene ancestors. For a good 2 million years, Homo sapiens ditched the salad and dined heavily on meat, putting them at the top of the food chain.

How baked bat guano helped archaeologists understand our ancient past
6th April 2021 | Ancient, Humans

In an experiment to understand better how ancient artifacts are altered by the sediment in which they are buried for thousands of years, Australian archaeological scientists buried bones, stones, charcoal and other items in bat guano, cooked it, and analyzed how this affected the different items.

There Could Be a Beautiful Reason Why Constellations Are The Same in Many Cultures
6th April 2021 | | Ancient, Humans, Space

Human cultures can see the world through very different lenses, but the way we sort stars in the night sky is surprisingly universal.

String theorist Michio Kaku: A ‘theory of everything’ is within our grasp
6th April 2021 | | Earth, Humans, Space, Tech

The physicist on Newton finding inspiration amid the great plague, how the multiverse can unite religions, ‘reaching out to aliens is a terrible idea’ and why a ‘theory of everything’ is within our grasp.

After New York legalizes marijuana, Schumer eyes federal reform
6th April 2021 | | Humans, Misc.

In the wake of New York’s decision to legalize marijuana earlier this week, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) says he’s ready to move on federal marijuana reform.

Microdosing psychedelic drugs associated with increases in conscientiousness and reductions in neuroticism
6th April 2021 | | Humans, Misc.

A new study has been published following on from two earlier studies on microdosing. Our body of research tells us some benefits of microdosing may be comparable to other wellness activities such as yoga.

The Asteroid That Killed the Dinosaurs Created the Amazon Rain Forest
3rd April 2021 | | Ancient, Animal Life, Earth

Fossilized pollen and leaves reveal that the meteorite that caused the extinction of nonavian dinosaurs also reshaped South America’s plant communities to yield the planet’s largest rain forest

New York legalizes recreational marijuana, expunges former pot convictions
2nd April 2021 | Humans, Misc.
Mummified Birds in The Atacama Desert Reveal a Dark Side of History
2nd April 2021 | | Ancient, Animal Life, Humans

The more we look into the harsh extremes of Chile’s Atacama Desert, the more we find. Phenomena both mystifying and wonderful, occasionally bordering on alien.

Evidence of Neolithic people extracting salt from seawater 5,800 years ago
2nd April 2021 | Ancient, Humans

Archaeologist Stephen Sherlock, an independent scholar, has found evidence of Neolithic people extracting salt from seawater 5,800 years ago at Street House, Loftus, making it the oldest salt production facility ever discovered in Britain.

Early humans far from the South African coast collected unusual objects
2nd April 2021 | | Ancient, Humans

Ostrich eggshells and crystals gathered more than 100,000 years ago shed light on the cultural evolution of early humans.

Antarctica asteroid impact from 430,000 years ago discovered by scientists
2nd April 2021 | | Ancient, Earth

Space scientists have discovered extra-terrestrial particles which point to a medium-sized asteroid impact in Antarctica 430,000 years ago.

Modern analysis of rock art: Machine learning opens new doors in archaeology
31st March 2021 | Ancient, Humans, Tech

Rock art of human figures created over thousands of years in Australia’s Arnhem Land has been put through a transformative machine learning study to analyse style changes over the years.

The Genetic Signal of Ancient Australians in South America Goes Deeper Than We Knew
31st March 2021 | | Ancient, Humans

The extent of Australasian influence into the ancient bloodlines of early South American cultures looks to be even greater than scientists thought, according to new research.

Light pollution from satellites ‘poses threat’ to astronomy
31st March 2021 | | Humans, Space

Artificial satellites and space junk orbiting the Earth can increase the brightness of the night sky, researchers have found, with experts warning such light pollution could hinder astronomers’ ability to make observations of our universe.

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