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Were Neanderthals making ‘art’ in Europe’s fabled Unicorn Cave?
6th July 2021 | | Ancient, Humans

A chess-sized piece of bone crafted before modern humans are believed to have arrived in the area sparks questions about artistic expression beyond Homo sapiens.

Image from: Fährtenleser (Wiki Commons)

Stonehenge: Did ancient ‘machine’ move stones from Wales?
5th July 2021 | | Ancient, Humans, Tech

It is a mystery that has confounded experts for centuries – how were huge stones transported 180 miles (290km) from the Preseli Hills to Stonehenge?


Study challenges claim early human hunters killed off prehistoric elephants
3rd July 2021 | | Ancient, Animal Life, Earth, Humans

A new study suggests that prehistoric elephants like the mastodon and woolly mammoth were wiped out by waves of extreme global environmental change, rather than being hunted to extinction by early humans.

The dinosaurs were likely doomed before the asteroid struck
3rd July 2021 | | Ancient, Animal Life, Earth

Dinosaurs were facing a crisis even before the asteroid hit, with extinctions outpacing the emergence of new species — a situation that made them “particularly prone to extinction,” a new study suggests.

Siberian cave reveals secrets of human evolutionary history
3rd July 2021 | | Ancient, Humans

Denisova Cave in southern Siberia is a site where conditions allowed for the preservation of ancient human fossils and DNA in fragments of bone, hair and faeces, some going back 300,000 years. Richard Roberts and colleagues from Germany and Russia have analysed DNA from sediments and shown which ancient humans were there at what times.

Image from Nerika (Wiki commons)

Ayahuasca use associated with greatly improved anxiety and depression symptoms in large international study
3rd July 2021 | | Humans, Misc.

Despite their illegality and a tendency among the media and politicians to demonize their use, psychedelics have been shown to have transformative effects on individuals suffering from mental health problems, including depression and anxiety.

5,000-year-old man was ‘oldest plague victim’
3rd July 2021 | | Ancient, Humans

Scientists have identified a new contender for “patient zero” in the plague that caused the Black Death.

Giant rhino fossils in China show new species was ‘taller than giraffe’
22nd June 2021 | | Ancient, Animal Life, Earth

A new species of the ancient giant rhino – among the largest mammals to walk on land – has been discovered in north-western China, researchers say.

Earth Has a 27.5-Million-Year ‘Heartbeat’, But We Don’t Know What Causes It
22nd June 2021 | | Ancient, Earth

A new study of ancient geological events suggests that our planet has a slow, steady ‘heartbeat’ of geological activity every 27 million years or so.

The real urban jungle: how ancient societies reimagined what cities could be
22nd June 2021 | | Ancient, Earth, Humans

They may be vine-smothered ruins today, but the lost cities of the ancient tropics still have a lot to teach us about how to live alongside nature.

How ancient people fell in love with bread, beer and other carbs
22nd June 2021 | | Ancient, Humans

On a clear day, the view from the ruins of Göbekli Tepe stretches across southern Turkey all the way to the Syrian border some 50 kilometres away. At 11,600 years old, this mountaintop archaeological site has been described as the world’s oldest temple — so ancient, in fact, that its T-shaped pillars and circular enclosures pre-date pottery in the Middle East.

How our ancestors conquered the dark to produce the world’s oldest art
22nd June 2021 | Ancient, Earth, Humans

Caves, often their deepest reaches, were humanity’s first art galleries, where early artists produced star maps, hunting scenes and friezes of ice age animals.

Image from: Iakubivskyi (Wiki Commons)

‘Great Dimming’ of Betelgeuse star is solved
16th June 2021 | | Ancient, Space

Astronomers say they’ve put to bed the mystery of why one of the most familiar stars in the night sky suddenly dimmed just over a year ago.

At underwater site, research team finds 9,000-year-old stone artifacts
16th June 2021 | Ancient, Humans

An underwater archaeologist from The University of Texas at Arlington is part of a research team studying 9,000-year-old stone tool artifacts discovered in Lake Huron that originated from an obsidian quarry more than 2,000 miles away in central Oregon.

Unique Gut Bug Study Untangles Early Human Migration From Siberia Into The Americas
16th June 2021 | | Ancient, Humans

New insights into the peopling of Siberia and human migration into the Americas have been found in what might seem like an unlikely place: gut bugs.

Prehistoric pottery fingerprints ‘left by two men’
14th June 2021 | | Ancient, Humans

Archaeologists believe fingerprints left on a piece of Neolithic pottery belonged to two young men.

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