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15 New Mysterious Cosmic Radio Bursts From Space
31st August 2017 | | Space

A group of researchers has just detected 15 new fast radio bursts, all originating from only one repeating source, FRB 121102, on a higher frequency than previously heard.

Paleoclimate: Volcanism Caused Ancient Global Warming
31st August 2017 | | Ancient, Earth

A study published in Nature confirms that volcanism set off one of Earth’s fastest global-warming events called the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum.  This upheaval 56 million years ago was the result of Greenland separating from Europe during the opening of the North Atlantic Ocean.

Astrophysicists Convert the Moons and Rings of Saturn Into Music
31st August 2017 | Space, Tech

After centuries of looking with awe and wonder at the beauty of Saturn and its rings, we can now listen to them, thanks to the efforts of astrophysicists at the University of Toronto.  Article contains an audiovisual link to listen to the recording of the composition.

Is Spain’s First Historian of the Americas Buried Under Columbus’ Tomb?
31st August 2017 | | Ancient

In 1992, a few meters underneath Columbus’ tomb in Santo Domingo, an older crypt was found whose brick floor and size attested that someone of importance had been buried there. Esteban Prieto Vicioso, the cathedral’s head of conservation thinks he knows who that individual may have been: Gonzalo Fernández de Oviedo.  Oviedo’s 1526 book was the first to introduce indigenous foods, plants, and techniques that are now commonplace including pineapple, tobacco, and the barbecue.

Study Dates Corn as Staple Crop in Central America 4,300 years ago
31st August 2017 | Ancient, Earth

Corn, known also as maize, is a vital crop throughout the Americas. First domesticated in Mexico some 9,000 years ago, scientists are still working to determine when it became the staple crop we know today. In a recently published paper, a team of scientists suggests that maize was fully domesticated as a staple crop in Honduras around 4,300 years ago.

Crushed Crystal Reveals Spookier Entanglement State
31st August 2017 | | Space

Like pairs of spinning dancers that suddenly form a quartet, the magnetic “spins” of electrons can become entangled in groups of four, new research reveals. The new quantum state called a plaquette singlet solves a longstanding question about quantum mechanics, the mysterious laws that govern the behavior of tiny subatomic particles.

Bizarre Google Earth Images Spark Controversy
31st August 2017 | | Weird

These eerie photos from Google Earth imagery have sparked dozens of conspiracy theories, with some saying they show ‘evidence’ of UFO landing sites, ancient lost cities, and even giant spiders.

Ancient Whales Were Wolves of the Sea
31st August 2017 | Ancient, Animal Life

The biggest animals on the planet right now are baleen whales, which upped their size thanks to efficient filter-feeding. How they got that specialized system has long been a mystery, but a new study nixes some theories about it evolving out of ancient whales’ dentition. This article contains a link to the open-access study from whence its research comes.

Snow Leopards Aren’t as Rare as We Thought, But Aren’t Safe Yet
31st August 2017 | | Animal Life

Snow leopards could soon come off the endangered species list, but while that looks like a win, the move could make it harder to drum up support for protective measures.

Archaeologists Unearth Mass Graves from Spanish Civil War
31st August 2017 | | Ancient

Four mass graves have now been excavated near the central Spanish city of Valladolid containing 228 bodies thought to be among more than 2,000 mass burial sites that exist across Spain from the civil war in the 1930s.  Historians estimate as many as 500,000 people were killed on both sides combined.

Skeletal Remains of Non-Alien Child with Cranial Deformation Found in Crimea
31st August 2017 | | Ancient

Archaeologists and student volunteers have discovered the skeletal remains of a young Sarmatian child with an artificially deformed cranium in a necropolis on the Kerch peninsula in eastern Crimea. Experts have ascertained it to be a male child approximately 18 months of age at the time of its death, radiocarbon-dated to the 2nd century AD.

Spambot Leaks More Than 700 Million Email Addresses in Massive Data Breach
31st August 2017 | | Tech

More than 700m email addresses, as well as a number of passwords, have leaked publicly thanks to a misconfigured spambot, in one of the largest data breaches ever. The number of real humans’ contact details contained in the dump is likely to be lower, however, due to the number of fake, malformed and repeated email addresses contained in the dataset.

UFO Hunters Frenzied After Seeing NASA Satellite Images of Hurricane Harvey
31st August 2017 | | Weird

Alien hunters are getting excited about a huge mysterious sphere which they believe is a UFO emerging from NASA satellite footage of Hurricane Harvey over Texas.   Article contains images as well as a link to video footage.

Louisiana’s Grassroots ‘Cajun Navy’ Brings its Fleet to Flooded Texas
31st August 2017 | Earth, Humans

Disaster volunteers from Louisiana’s Cajun Navy and Cajun Coast Search and Rescue Team don’t wait to be called. They know all about floods, and they dove right in, bringing with them a veritable armada of fishing skiffs, airboats, jonboats, even kayaks, to help rescue stranded humans and animals from the watery wrath of Hurricane Harvey.  Formed in the aftermath of 2005’s Hurricane Katrina, the Cajun Navy are literally life savers, and a reminder that our darkest tragedies often tend to reveal the best in humanity.  As their unofficial slogan says, “Not all superheroes wear capes.  Some wear hipwaders.”

Bionic Pop Superstar Going to War For Science
31st August 2017 | Humans, Tech

In the past, we’ve seen several artists merge pop music with high fashion, but it’s not so common for a singer-songwriter to bring science and technology into the mix.  Viktoria Modesta wants to do just that, after having her leg amputated below-the-knee for health and mobility reasons.  “People dismiss sci-fi and technology as something that’s not cool and not glamorous,” she says, “and I’ve made it my mission to change that.”

Amid Hurricane Harvey Chaos, Fears of Hundreds of Alligators Escaping Captivity
31st August 2017 | Animal Life

As flood waters in Texas rose to unprecedented heights in Hurricane Harvey’s aftermath, so did fears that hundreds of captive alligators may get loose and swim into populated areas.  Gator Country, an animal sanctuary park located northeast of Houston was inundated with water levels close to topping its fences, which are the only things holding back 350 alligators.

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