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Honouring Historic Native Americans Hidden in History
18th October 2017 | | Humans

Representation of Native Americans in history books is historically inaccurate and only covers a small fraction of history during the exploration of Columbus, Thanksgiving, and the Wounded Knee Massacre of 1890, to name a few events.  This article focuses on a few of those historic Native Americans who influence history but have been omitted from standard history books.

Tezcatlipoca: Aztec God of Night and Smoking Mirrors
18th October 2017 | | Ancient, Humans

According to Aztec mythology, Tezcatlipoca was a vengeful god, who could see and punish any evil behavior or action happening on earth. For these qualities, Aztec kings were considered Tezcatlipoca’s representatives on earth; at their election, they had to stand in front of the god’s image and perform several ceremonies in order to legitimize their right to rule.

Reviving a Leafy Dinosaur: The Wollemy Pine
18th October 2017 | | Ancient, Earth

In the plant world, the botanical equivalent of discovering a living dinosaur has actually been made. A species of the Wollemi Pine tree, Wollemia nobilis, was discovered still living in a wilderness area west of Sydney, Australia. The tree is a member of a genus that first evolved over 200 million years ago. It is now in the process of being revived through the worldwide cultivation of the plant for gardening purposes.

How Forest Forensics Could Prevent the Theft of Ancient Trees
18th October 2017 | | Earth, Tech

For tree poachers, sometimes known as midnight burlers, ancient giant redwood trees can present a lucrative opportunity for theft. To track down timber thieves, researchers are turning to new technology and tried-and-true criminal justice techniques.

Sitting Up with the Dead: Lost Appalachian Burial Customs
18th October 2017 | | Humans, Weird

Immigrants from Europe began migrating to the area in the 18th century with a large proportion of the population being Ulster Scots and Scotch-Irish. Many pioneers moved into areas largely separated from civilization by high mountain ridges and brought many traditions from the Celtic Old World that is still a part of America’s Appalachian culture today.  Folks in Appalachia are no stranger to death. The Dark Horseman visited so frequently that houses were made with two front doors. One door was used for happy visits, and the other door, known as the funeral door, would open into the Deathwatch Room for sitting up with the dead.

Ancestor Worship in Ancient China
18th October 2017 | | Ancient, Humans

Ancestor worship in ancient China dates back to the Neolithic period, and it would prove to be the most popular and enduring Chinese religious practice, lasting well into modern times. The family was always an important concept in Chinese society and government, and it was maintained by the twin pillars of filial piety and respect for one’s dead ancestors.

How the Sun, Moon and Stars Appear in Ancient Mayan Astronomy
18th October 2017 | | Humans, Space

The Ancient Maya were keen astronomers, recording and interpreting every aspect of the sky. They believed that the will and actions of the Gods could be read in the stars, moon, and planets, so they dedicated time to doing so, and many of their most important buildings were built with astronomy in mind. The sun, moon, and planets, Venus, in particular, were all studied by the Maya.

Celestial Treasures of the Constellation Centaurus
18th October 2017 | | Space

The Constellation Centaurus is named for a Greek mythological being which is a half-man-half-horse called a centaur. Due to the Earth’s wobble on its axis called precession, the position of Centaurus in the sky has changed over historical time. In the distant past, it was seen from all over the planet. In a few thousand years, it will once again be visible to people around the world.

Did Medieval People Believe in a Flat Earth?
18th October 2017 | | Ancient, Earth, Weird

There is a piece of common knowledge about the Middle Ages we have heard repeated over and over again: that medieval people thought the earth was flat.  The transition from the ancient world to the medieval one is often blamed for a loss of knowledge, a move backward, but the belief that the world was a globe is evident in writers from across the period.

Indigenous Artists in Australia Use Ancient Techniques to Create New Rock Art
17th October 2017 | | Ancient, Humans, Tech

A group of Indigenous artists from remote South Australia have been using ancient techniques to create brand new work. They are using ochre to paint stories on rocks, then taking stunning photos which they can sell. This allows artists to get out onto their country, teach the next generations their stories, and make money from the process. One artist painted the story of two sisters spearing a rainbow serpent at a waterhole.

Temple of Ramses II Discovered in Luxor’s Abusir Necropolis
17th October 2017 | Ancient

Parts of a temple to Pharaoh Ramses II (1213-1279 BC) along with reliefs of solar deities have been uncovered during excavation work in the Abusir necropolis in Luxor.

The Rise of Quetzlcoatl: From Plumed Serpent to Creator God
17th October 2017 | | Ancient

The roots of Quetzalcoatl, or at least the form of the feathered serpent, can be traced all the way back to the Olmec civilization, which existed from around 13th to the 5th centuries BC.  The representation of a divine feathered serpent can be found on a famous Olmec stone-carving known as the La Venta Monument 19, in which a man is shown to be seated before this creature. The cult of Quetzalcoatl, however, only emerged several centuries later, during the Late Classical period.

Ancient Egypt in the Time of the Rosetta Stone
17th October 2017 | | Ancient

Turbulent events surrounding the Rosetta Stone are being revealed by new excavations in the ancient Egyptian city of Thmuis.

5 Indigenous Cultures that Use Psychedelics as Medicine Instead of Popping Pills
17th October 2017 | Earth, Humans

While today psychedelics have largely been stigmatized, they have been an integral part of multiple civilizations. Article explores five indigenous cultures around the world that use psychedelics for ritual healing.

Mexico’s Temples of Palenque Reveal Story of Lady Cormorant and the Triad Gods
17th October 2017 | | Ancient

In the mountain rainforest of Chiapas, México, sits the Mayan ruins of Palenque. Silhouetted against a backdrop of natural hills and valleys, the elegant pyramids and palace offer fine Mayan bas-relief carvings of high-grade limestone and stucco. Palenque’s artists created a unique style of flowing, cursive hieroglyphs and realistic, graceful portraits.

Hurricane Ophelia Brings Apocalyptic Skies to the UK
17th October 2017 | Earth

Hurricane Ophelia’s circulation is so large that it’s bringing Sahara desert dust from Africa into England, scattering blue light from the Sun and turning it sunset red.

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