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7 months ago
From the author of Precession: Age of Descent, comes a journey of meditation and gardening, reconnecting to the natural world. Available at Plants have domesticated the entire planet. Humans grew up in this primeval green world. As we built our cities, we brought the concept of gardens and gardening with us. Join the Author on his reflective account of how plants and place
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10 months ago
I have published on Amazon and Kindle, a work of fiction entitled Precession: Age of Descent. It follows the inhabitants of our sister planet around our star's binary companion. For more information and ordering links, please visit!
Forum: Misc.
11 months ago
There is a new book out about Precession, (called Precession: Age Of Descent). It is a fictional novel, but ties in many of the concepts about our binary companion star and ancient mysteries. It takes place around a planet of that star. Information about the book, and ordering instructions, can be found at
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