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Yes Walter, it is tricky yet beautiful in simplicity and was comprehensively understood by an entity in antiquity.

Likewise to the Equinox advance, longitude progression of the Solstice along the ecliptic, incurs Solar System referencing by which to monitor precession:
Other than astronomical terms, these fixes have geographical counterparts -the Solstice focal point on the Earth sphere is most telling  -the Sun being the fixture it is, produces the solar year, or tropical year, tracing a path by its focus around the surface of the Globe, during one orbit of the Sun. 

In conjunction with Earth precessing through the dark cut -perpendicular to the Sun- this retrograde movement of the geographical Solstice locale reveals changing orientation of Earth's axis.

Further Galactic frame implications:
to recap, during the course of one night, an observer can see the circumpolar stars trace concentric circles around the Celestial Pole, which we know to be the product of Earth revolving on its axis.

Now, suppose Earth did not spin on its axis at all and instead made one orbit of the Sun in 24hours... The concentricity of the resultant star motion pattern, around the Ecliptic Pole, would be hugely different by comparison to the former.

The latter, to certain extent, mimics a binary scenario, however, besides producing an enormously different star motion pattern, the perpendicular pole of such an ecliptic circuit would be located altogether elsewhere (to where it demonstrably is) -somewhere between our Sun and the lost star -dictated by the circuit around the binary. Accordingly, the departure of Earth's axis alignment from the Pole star, Polaris, would be on an entirely different tangent.

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