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Hi Walter,

Back in 1984, when Davis, Hut, and Muller had proposed the Nemesis hypothesis to explain the 26 million year cycle of mass extinctions, they had proposed the idea of a companion star of the Sun with a 26 Myr cycle, which periodically disturbs the comets in the Oort cloud that surrounds our Solar System, with a consequential increase in impact events on Earth. According to their estimates, Nemesis was probably at a distance of 3 light years, and may be a red dwarf star.

One of the arguments against the Nemesis hypothesis was that it requires a highly elleptical orbit (high orbital eccentricity) which will be inherently unstable against perturbations from passing stars and molecular clouds.

The binary companion that you are suggesting has an orbital period of 26,000 years (a thousand times less than Nemesis), but it may be located at nearly the same distance as Nemesis i.e. nearly 3 light years. Such an orbit will have an extremely high eccentricity, and should therefore be highly unstable. Have you received any feedback from scientists and astronomers regarding the stability of the binary system that you have proposed?


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