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Hi Steve - More great questions! Part of this is answered in my most recent response to Dr. Lew Graham, but to clarify:

1. Yes, I get the occasional negative response but most just parrot the standard paradigm and do not dig into the data. If someone has a compelling argument I love to discuss the details, like the lunar data, which is pretty airtight, but that opportunity is rare.

2. Sirius is a candidate (just as a large brown dwarf in the local hood might be a candidate) but a lot of work has to be done to make a strong enough argument to further either of these to the point of serious consideration in the current astronomical community. It would take a book right here to explain all that we have learned since I wrote Lost Star but I think the Shinto had very good reason to call Sirius "our second sun". The work of Karl Heinz Homann is quite compelling and we are working on more articles along this line.

3. It is true. We seem to be able to easily quantify natural phenomena like gravity or magnetism (and the rate at which they fall off) but no one knows what "causes" mass to attract other masses or what causes magnets to attract iron, etc. - Still a lot to learn!

The vast majority of stars have partners or live in complex relationships. Alfven won the Nobel Prize for explaining that stars might affect each other but beyond this it is a huge unknown.

“Truly the greatest gift you can give is that of your own self-transformation.”
Chinese Philosopher – Lao Tzu

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