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Firstly, I very much enjoyed your article this month. Outstanding skill in articulating a powerful punchy statement.

I also enjoyed reading the evidence section of bilateral research, I found it equally a compelling, clear presentation. I am not well versed in astronomy so some questions if I may?

Many (or most?) readers on this forum would be well acquainted with the reluctance of 'mainstream' science and archeology to accept or ideed even explore new ideas and would be aware that the "ancients" (whoever or whenever they were) clearly had progressed to levels of understanding beyond that of our current 'civilization'.

1. I was wondering if you could comment on what areas of negative resistance and reasons given for it you have encountered?
ie Isn't the lunar data you refer to, clearly an indication that mainstream is mistaken about earths "wobble"

2. The significance attached to Sirius by ancients is fascinating. Can you add any more detail as to why in astronomical terms it is likely to be our Suns' binary?

3. Whilst Newton gave us a rough formula for the effect of gravity, and Einstein a vague metaphysical (math derived) concept I think it is clear science does not understand yet the phenomenon of gravity.

Is there anything you could add as to why such a bilateral relationship mechanically helps understand the operation and interaction of the galaxy?


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