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Hi Dr Ray,

Thank you for this. You have obviously - as usual and not unexpected - put a great deal of thought into your post.

The thing I think for Gary and I is that we are entirely open (to a certain extent) about chronologies. One of the things we feel quite certain about is that the chronology that has been passed down and regurgitated to us is - in our opinion - flawed. How badly flawed is anyone's guess really. In our book we present evidence from Manetho that suggest there are potentially something in the order of 123 missing kings from the so-called 'Old Kingdom' period. That is - conservatively - potentially around 2,000 years of missing history. Could be more, could be less. We present also in the book artefacts that seem to depict the Gizamids around 2,000 years before we are told they existed i.e. (at least) ca. 4,500 BCE.

We believe that the Giza pyramids (along with the Sphinx) presents to us an astronomical clock - a precession timeline that seems to present three dates. Question is - since precession is a cycle, is is hard to know if it marks the current cycle, the previous cycle or - who knows - the cycle before that. The AEs themselves tell us that their civilisation is much, much older than conventional wisdom would have us believe.

And then there is the scientific evidence - carbon 14 dating. Two surveys were done at Giza taking carbon from between the pyramid blocks. Is this carbon from the most recent repair job or from the original build? How reliable is carbon dating? Certainly many scientists question its reliability, including Dr Hawass, former Head of Antiquities in Egypt.

I would like to give you a chronology, Ray but to be honest - the picture is so confusing and contradictory, it is almost impossible to do. That Egyptologists think they can do so is fine - they are merely pandering to their own limited paradigm that ignores much.

Let me finish this post off by saying that in our opinion - as testified by the Inventory Stele - Khufu built the Great Pyramid. However, in our opinion, Khufu was not the second king of the 4th dynasty as believed by Egyptologists from their analysis of the various King Lists. Even the cartouche that is supposed to read "Khufu" found by Col. Howard-Vyse in Campbell's Chamber of the Great Pyramid may not, in fact, read "Khufu" but something else altogether. So, if Khufu built the Great Pyramid - as we believe - who was Khufu and when did he live? How far back in time must we go to find Khufu, the builder of the Great Pyramid?

These are matters we raise in our book that question the chronology of the Gizamids. There are other issues as well that I have not stated here - but these are the highlights. It's a very confusing picture (though I'm sure Egyptologists will disagree with that but only because they are overlooking or ignoring evidence that contradicts their views).

I know this probably isn't the reply you were hoping for. All I can say here is that there is considerable contradictory evidence as to the chronology presented by mainstream opinion and how Egyptologits can insist it's pretty much a 'done deal' seems to me to be somewhat simplistic and premature.

Best regards,


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