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Hi Brian,
First, let me say I agree with Daniel, on the idea of individual choice.

After reading all of the first 9 of Castaneda's books, 3 times, I was suspicious of him.
When I read The Active Side of Infinity, I knew he had missed the point.

Actually, he missed all the points DJ had tried to get across to him.

In spite of many warnings from DJ about the dangers of using "the little smoke" and the other drugs they employed during the teachings, Castaneda was unable to succeed without them. This led to his liver failure and death.

He could never "stop the world" without "the assistant".
A while back, I found this site: []

It is a compilation of the words of DJ,,, minus the "stories" told by Carlos.
There is a huge difference.

I discovered it was quite parallel to the teachings of my dad (1878~1962).
Hence, the ancient Cherokee knew about these teachings and had been passing them on.

They are quite consistent with some of Steiner, Jung, Gurdjeiff and Ouspensky.

IMHO, these works are well worth serious consideration.

I have succeeded in stopping-the-world without the use of any "assistant/drugs".

It's a matter of individual choice and it can be very hard work.

Good luck and warm redards to you and Daniel.


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