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I would like to ask you:
- Do you believe Don Juan was real?

That is a great question. One would be tempted to dismiss all of Castaneda's work as fiction - definitely, anthropologically it is highly unbelievable. We had a feature on Reality Sandwich looking at the inaccuracies and inconsistencies in Castaneda's work. However, it is still compelling and some of it seems to have real validity. For instance I had an experience with the "Assemblage Point," which I described in 2012. And then you also have other people who claim to have been in his group, and have written books.

I suppose Don Juan was based on some prototype, perhaps shares some characteristics with a real person, but it was truly hard to see. Castaneda's work is a bit daimonic, in Patrick Harpur's definition of it.

- How can human race improve/evolve without knowing this "flyer" impediment?

I haven't really had experience with Flyers or inorganic beings, so it doesnt resonate with me.

- Do we all have to become sorcerers?

No definitely not. Most people have no interest in exploring these domains. However, it would be good if the mass culture understood that it was good to have shamans, sorcerers, visionaries and that they provided an essential function.

- Are you a kind of a sorcerer?

I would say my archetype is closest to that of a wizard. Books can be seen as spells that then have an effect in the world.

- Is it best not to think about this stuff?

That's an individual choice.

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