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This collaberates with my ayahuasca experience in April. Like "Tron", like electric, electronic motherboard microchip working so fast and so mi nute and so vast and large as to accomplishing all in one second.

Yup. I verify this is true. We can and will, and 'do' affect all and it will evolve indeed. Fear needs to leave the populace, and in peace and real love (which i will define as a sense of 'unity'), these things will come about.
Of course we can go on, and on for days talking about why!or how?
goes back to the basic "change yourself first , thereby affecting change around you"...just to be funny, but a good veiw is the old 70's "Shampoo" commercial, I can't recall if it was "Herbal Instincts" , I think it was...something like tell a friend, and so on, and so on...and they split the same pic up replicating it over and over on the screen. You all are maybe too young! Anyways.....


Daughter of Pavan


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