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Thanks, Daniel;

This invites memories of wonder for me.
Strange but very welcome events;

I sit at a park bench and within minutes, more than a dozen ducks waddle from the pond, to my table.
They all sit, gradually stop quacking and tuck their heads beneath their wings and go to sleep.

They remain this way for over an hour and finally "awaken" and head back to the pond,,, after I stand and walk away.
This event repeated four times, that summer.

At other times and places, like Wal-Mart's parking lot, new and different events.
As I pull into a parking spot, 3 crows land on my truck.
One on each mirror and one on the hood.

As I get out and head for the store, they remain on my truck.
An hour later, I return and they are still perched on each mirror and the hood.
I load-up and start the truck and the three of them fly away together.
This event repeated so many times I lost count.
It was especially interesting when lots of people were around, watching and wondering.

I have always viewed these events as either omens or the confirmation of omens.

What are your thoughts about such events?


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