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hi luke,

good questions.

synchronicity does seem to point toward a particular direction, perhaps the right path.

the phenomenon may be connected to the type of consciousness - the more psychic level of consciousness - that the species as a whole may experience post-"2012" (or thereabouts).

in fact, since this intensification of conscious awareness is communicable, forums like this one in which we discuss it are part of that process. There could be a tipping point or 100th Monkey type phenomenon where a small subset of humanity first accesses this capacity, and then it becomes available to the entirety of the species in a rapid interval.

i suspect this is part of what is happening. i think we are going to realize some form of species interconnectedness on a psychic level, and then use the technical capacities of the modern mind to enhance and accelerate the positive aspects of this development.

soon after that, i expect we will begin to explore a range of psychic phenomena - such as levitation, telekinesis, remote healing, etc - and these capacities will develop rapidly as attention is paid to them along with a shared context for understanding how they can function. The mass media is now functioning as a negative control system which keeps consciousness trapped in a narrow bandwidth. The tool of mass media can be repurposed to help liberate people instead of enslave them.

Rather than continue tourism around Stonehenge, the Pyramids, etc., I believe we will soon prefer to realize their function and get them operational again as dimensional gateways and psychic transformers, etc.

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