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"I was just flown to LA for the red carpet premiere of the new Sony $250 million disaster epic, "2012"."

Judging by the trailers I've seen, "epic disaster" might be closer to the mark. My friends and I were laughing our heads off as huge slabs of coastline slid into the ocean (how is that possible, exactly?), and meaty-faced John Cusack miraculously escaped from every disaster known to humanity. Stuff like that is what makes a disaster flick worth watching.

"If we are going to see the vast population of humanity now on the planet not only subsist at current levels, but hopefully attain a more elevated state of awareness and activity, we are going to need to make a rapid transformation or transmutation in species behavior, culure, habit, and underlying intention."

I agree, but realistically, what are the chances of this happening at the exact moment the calendar clicks from 2011 to 2012? I wish there would be some kind of collective, consciousness-awareness thing, but there isn't a whole lot of evidence to show that humans, collectively, really want that. Maybe the Mayans didn't have any such thing in mind, anyway. Maybe, at the end of the calendar in 2012, you're supposed to just start all over from the beginning again, like when we switch from December to January.

"I don't want to achieve immortality through my work, I want to achieve it through not dying."
~ Woody Allen

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