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""Initiation uses non-ordinary states to elevate consciousness and infuse it with a mytho-poetic awareness of reality. Indoctrination uses the same methods to transform consciousness but use these techniques to constrict and deaden awareness, to make human beings subservient to a hierarchical structure of power and domination.""

Neither of these processes produces a free being, they both produce a worker of mental commitment to the learned ideas, who is now less free than he was before he acquired this knowledge!

""Through my work in shamanism, i have had direct psychic experiences of many sorts. This reveals to me that there is the potential for humanity to access psychic energy for transformation - probably this is what the Maya and Egyptians were doing, in their way. I think we will need to recover those aspects of psychic techniques that could assist in transforming the world, and this will have to happen very quickly.""

The Bija is the sound syllable used by the Adepts to set a new parameter and to protect it for a duration of time. (Think -- Word of G^d.)

All we mammals of this last age ... (and this is a very short age, the dinosaurs have millions of years on us mammals) .. have very similar quantum sheets upon which we live, and think and believe.

If you did not know how another would drive his car, would you take your car on the road? ... If you had to drive with 50 totally drunken drivers ('impaired' because they are not thinking as we all think) .. would you choose to drive?

Since the fall of mankind, and the Age of Separation [(G^d said: "The heck with them all let them fend for themselves --except my chosen people .. whom I will use as an example.")]:

The Age of Separation, has come and is now going ... most of the beings with higher mental functions probably think the same way about having anything to do with Earth!!

More people killed in cars than killed in 2 world wars, shootings in schools, bombings in malls, "there must be other places to live besides Earth", they may be thinking!

And there are now many Yankee Individualists Mentalities among us, who must be led, not told, and this is where our leaders and even our media are failing us.

""I tend to think of "2012" (this period around it) as the coming to consciousness of humanity, and potentially the shift from the physical to the psychic phase of our species evolution.""

I agree, the new age is the next age, after the advent of "the Word" and language (not the old single language, but new ones all over the place) .. after the 5th Chakra; --- we now enter the age of the 6th Chakra, or the third eye, and "consciousness", which is a whole new realm for those who have lived all their lives in flat land! Or the sleep walkers.

And there are those who have issues with this transition.

There are pockets of those beings who have never lost this level of consciousness, and there are those who prey upon those who find it but cannot manage it.
We have some bad track records to fix (Mafia, the Russian Mafia, the Japanese Mafia, the others which messed up (Manson? .. others who went off the quantum sheet and could not return!!) ... There must be rules, and leaders and teachers, and examples. And they must be durable. The innocent cell phone, after 20 years -- is a public menace now, only speaker phone or text, please!!

This is not a Sunday Picnic .. this is a HUGE piece of work!! And it needs to be done with confidence, and great competency. NO smoke, no mirrors, but solid information, and testable ideas. Big opportunity, very big task.

We can do it. We need to believe in each other again, too.

Beware the Adze!
Beware the land it came from.
... ... ...
That chisel of metal ~bi3 n pt~
With which he opened the mouths of the gods.

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