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daniel pinchbeck wrote:

> I was just flown to LA for the red carpet premiere of the new
> Sony $250 million disaster epic, "2012". This was quite a
> surreal and bizarre experience all around. Actually they first
> flew me to Jackson Hole Wyoming for a media cavalcade about 3
> weeks ago - right before i went to Utah to meet up with Graham
> at the Reality Sandwich retreat.
> Apparently I signed a release before the Wyoming event in which
> I pledged not to say anything derogatory about the film. I was
> then planning on not seeing it at all, but did go to see it in
> LA as part of the premiere. I will say what I said before
> seeing it, that it seems to me at such a critical time in our
> species, there are better ways to spend $250 mill than on
> massive shadow projections of apocalyptic destruction. We seem
> to be stuck on this negative view about the future - getting a
> kind of unhealthy charge out of fear.
> It was a somewhat complex decision whether or not to
> participate in their marketing maelstrom. I still don't know if
> I made the right choice. It has left me open to articles such
> as "How to Sell an Apocalypse" from New York Magazine this
> week: [] . Also I was
> packaged with two other 2012 "experts," John Major Jenkins and
> Lawrence Joseph, and it began to seem that whatever we said to
> the TV camers during the 15 second soundbite opportunities we
> were given, the underlying idea was to associate us with the
> movie's premise, that 2012 will be a massive cataclysmic event,
> and some provide intellectual cover for it.
> My perspective is that I don't know what is going to happen in
> 2012 - and I don't think anyone does. However it is
> increasingly evident that unless there is a large scale shift
> in species behavior in a short period of time, we either won't
> survive as a species at all (like 99.99% of species in the
> past), or will suffer vast depopulation. The esteemed scientist
> James Lovelock, creator of the Gaian hypothesis that the earth
> functions as a self-regulating organism, now says there will be
> 150 million people max left on earth at the end of this
> century. Other scientists are also becoming increasingly dark
> in their projections.
> At the moment we are acting like the bacteria in a test tube
> that eat through all of the nutrients provided for them while
> growing their population exponentially and then die of
> starvation/suffocation.
> If we are going to see the vast population of humanity now on
> the planet not only subsist at current levels, but hopefully
> attain a more elevated state of awareness and activity, we are
> going to need to make a rapid transformation or transmutation
> in species behavior, culure, habit, and underlying intention.
> Personally I believe this is possible. There is the material
> level in which human society needs to be reconceived and
> redesigned. The design scientist Buckminster Fuller seems to me
> to have the clearest insights about how to approach this - and
> he has many followers who have pursued his type of thinking
> into all areas. The idea is to recognize that society's
> problems are design flaws that can be ameliorated through
> design solutions.
> For instance, one example is the underlying architecture of our
> money system that creates debt, competition, and artificial
> scarcity. The system cannot be reformed from with its current
> parameters, therefore a new system for exchanging value must be
> developed and disseminated. The Belgian currency expert Bernard
> Lietaer has been working on this - his book The Future of Money
> is awesome, as he also looks at the archetypal dimension of
> money, relating it to the Great Mother archetype, and
> discussing Yin versus Yang currencies. Another great book on
> the subject is by Tom Greco, and its called The End of Money
> and the Future of Civlization.
> Another area is agriculture which has been industrialized and
> uses intensive helpings of fossil fuels and pesticides. The
> answer to this disastrous system is permaculture, which works
> with what the land naturally provides. Permaculture requires a
> massive retraining program to institute on a large scale. There
> is also aquaponics and other intensive methods of urban farming
> that make sense -apparently 80% of the food that a city like
> New York (where I live) needs, could be grown on the roofs!
> There's other areas but the point is that design-based
> solutions that work more in relation to nature's principles
> already exist to address the material levels of the crisis, if
> the collective will was mobilized to implement them before it
> is too late.
> Along with the material dimension, there is the psychic and
> spiritual dimension of the crisis. Modern people have been
> largely robbed of their agency, their soul, their inner life by
> a vast mechanism of indoctrination. I see a historical process
> going back to ancient Mesopotamia perhaps, where there is a
> shift from initiation to indoctrination. John Lash writes about
> this in his blog, metahistory,org . Initiation uses
> non-ordinary states to elevate consciousness and infuse it with
> a mytho-poetic awareness of reality. Indoctrination uses the
> same methods to transform consciousness but use these
> techniques to constrict and deaden awareness, to make human
> beings subservient to a hierarchical structure of power and
> domination.
> Through my work in shamanism, i have had direct psychic
> experiences of many sorts. This reveals to me that there is the
> potential for humanity to access psychic energy for
> transformation - probably this is what the Maya and Egyptians
> were doing, in their way. I think we will need to recover those
> aspects of psychic techniques that could assist in transforming
> the world, and this will have to happen very quickly.
> I tend to think of "2012" (this period around it) as the coming
> to consciousness of humanity, and potentially the shift from
> the physical to the psychic phase of our species evolution.

This shift has been going on for decades. With each passing year, it quickens. Since the turn of the millennium it's gone exponential and the rate will continue increase, and 2012 will prove to be just a point in space/time in the midst of that exponentiality.

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