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Daniel, I have finally caught up on the readings and you are on the right path. The order of creation (spiral; left to right) is the way of light. Those who believe -2012- is the end of the world, are following the order of destruction (spiral; right to left.) Willing or non-willing (due to conditioning) should make you stand up and question their stance.

I wish I could be more optimistic but I see dark-times ahead due to those dark-powers involved. I think it would be wise to keep some things "hidden" as those who have "illusionary" power seek to find "these things out" for destructive purposes or to undermine and destroy other people. If you know their (past & present) agendas, you will know how their clock goes tick-tock.

I wish I could believe in "unity" but this is a fleeting apparition for now. Patience is key though, every cycle has its purpose...

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