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Hi Daniel,


The darkest hour of the night is just before the new dawn. In order to see those glimmers of hope and light we have to keep our chins up. As soon as we lose that stance we are engulfed in this oh so dark hour of mankind.
I for one have hope, faith and Love and am truly blown away by the rapid rise in consciousness over the last 30 years. 30 years ago i was odd simply being a vegetarian. Believe me i'm a lot odder now.

I think people's fears are increased by what are seemingly insurmountable problems and rather than action this creates impotence.
The truth is that the only change that we have power over is ourselves. We cannot change another person but we can all commit to raising our own level of consciosness. This will have a profound effect and is not out of reach for anyone whatever their current level of awareness. If you change, the dynamics around you change. Every individual that takes responsibility for healing themselves, (emotionally, mentally, spiritually) helps in a direct way to healing the planet. And it feels good!
Quantum mechanics has proven that what we perceive through our senses is not what is out there. Fitered through our conditioning, our hopes, fears, experiences etc we create a personal and collective dreamstate, illusion, Maya. All of our 'stuff' gets recycled endlessly.

In this holographic matrix fear has ran the system for too long. Most subconscious, a lot purposeful control and manipulation of the masses. The key is not to buy into the fear anymore. We can bust the system from within just like a computer virus breaking down the illusion. In a hologram if a tiny fraction is changed, that change is instantaeneosly duplicated throughout the whole.
People like yourself, as pioneers of consciousness, raise the collective and for this i thank you.

An excercise that i have used in worshops is to guide people into visualisng themselves in a perfect future, feel the internal adaptations, anchor them and bring that person through to the present.
We are the instruments of this holgram, but for too long unconsciously. Let us consciously do our best to override the fear. It is the only real enemy and the opposite frequency to Love which conquers all.

With Respect

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