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Must admit though the nature of the self and it's relationship with time are two of my pet obsessions I came upon the latter Time by the curious route of trying to imagine a logical system of time travel for a science fiction setting. Thank you for your response Andrew, I have had a nice long smurf through sites and essays from the names you mentioned. I had heard of J Barbour, but not gone into detail of his ideas. I don't see his concept of a series of Nows, in fact I had assumed that a universe without in-built time has no literal now, which is why we have to imagine one. In truth I imagine a universe of the three standard dimensions with the added time dimension(s) extending back and forward. So perhaps the universe as a whole looks like an overexposed photograph in 3d, with time dimensions spreading out in two directions as well.

I am starting to appreciate the concept of the Daemon/Eidolon as the first recorded theory of the conscious and subconscious selves. Although the Eidolon is not the whole of the conscious mind, and the Daemon not the whole of the subconscious. I can see obvious parallels in part with Jung's collective unconscious. The iceberg of self being my way of describing the whole self with only the conscious Eidolon tip showing, whilst the larger Daemon sits seived out by the left hemisphere. This leaves the larger question of does our larger self only represent a tip of the greater whole, or an individual connected part of a group with vague but real boundaries? If and when I'm talking B*&%$££ do point it out.

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